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David Ohls Professorial Lecturer School of International Service

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SIS - School of International Service
SIS - 331 A
Dave Ohls is a Professorial Lecturer at the School of International Service and Interim Program Director of the Global Governance, Politics, and Security Program. His research spans a variety of topics in international security, including understanding the competing threats of coups and civil wars in producing inter-ethnic powersharing, exploring the radicalization and counter-terrorism effects of drone strike campaigns, and modeling the dynamics of costly signaling in the context of endogenous power shifts brought on by weapons acquisition. He has a particular interest in research design, statistical analysis, and game theoretic/formal modeling approaches to international relations.
For the Media
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Spring 2020

  • SIS-750 Res/Prof Meth in Int'l Affairs: Strat Analysis: Game Theory

  • SIS-761 Research Design, Analys & Comm

  • SISU-306 Adv Int'l Studies Research: Game Theory in Int'l Relations

Fall 2020

  • SIS-600 Int'l Affairs Stats & Methods

  • SIS-600 Int'l Affairs Stats & Methods

  • SIS-600 Int'l Affairs Stats & Methods