GM in Action

Global Media students are internationally experienced, media savvy, and strategically focused world citizens who want to make a positive difference through the production and management of global media. In preparing to become a professional media producers, you’ll have various hands-on opportunities to make meaningful impacts in your chosen field even before you graduate. Our renowned practitioners serve as role models by engaging in important media work, and our student organization provides yet another outlet for your developing skill set.

Get Involved Graduate Student Council

The SIS Graduate Student Council (GSC) is committed to providing professional development, advocating for graduate students, and building a school-wide community. GSC provides opportunities to graduate students to plan and participate in social and professional development events, serve on school committees, advocate for themselves and their peers, and generally have their voices heard in the SIS administration. With a team of senators representing the various programs at the School of International Service and a dedicated Executive Council, the GSC strives to be a leader both inside and outside American University. Contact the GSC at