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Eagle Service

Questions about the new course registration system? AU offers resources and general frequently asked questions as well as an online tutorial on how to plan and register for classes.

While students are able to plan their schedule in advance now, this is not the same as registering for classes. Students will need to log back into Student Planning once their registration appointment time has arrived to register for their planned courses. Students cannot register until their assigned registration appointment time.

Current graduate students will be assigned a registration appointment time for spring and fall registration. Registration appointment times are not required for summer registration and will begin on Monday, March 27 at 12 a.m. for all current students.

PhD students will register first, followed by degree-seeking graduate students by credits completed in descending order (e.g. students who have completed 30 credits will register before students who have completed 24.) Non-degree and graduate certificate students will register last. 

Registration appointment times are a student’s start time for priority registration – students will continue to be able to make registration changes through the end of the Add/Drop period. Students must log in to Student Planning to view their registration appointment time. Registration appointment times cannot be changed.

Students on academic probation and students who have applied and are eligible to graduate are required to meet with their advisor before registering for subsequent semesters. These students should receive a notification message indicating they require advisor authorization to register.

All other graduate students in SIS are allowed to register without meeting with an advisor.

Note: If you see a notification message in Student Planning indicating that you require an advisor's authorization before registering, please confirm your registration appointment time had not yet occurred. Students may see this message prior to registration appointment time, but it should be removed once their registration period has begun.

If the semester of registration does not appear automatically in a student’s Course Schedule in Eagle Service, students will need to either click on the right arrow (“>”) next to the semester title or click the plus sign (“[+]”)next to the semester title to add a new "Regular Term” to their plan so that they can plan and register for courses.

First, be sure to check that it is your scheduled registration time. You will be unable to register for a class before this time.

If you're still having issues, you may have another hold/stop on your account. Students without an address on file with the University will be prevented from registering until they have updated their contact information. All students are recommended to update their address information as applicable in their myAU Portal (“Contact Information” under the “Academics” tab) before registering. 

Additionally, students should check to make sure that they do not have a hold on their account. Holds can be viewed in the myAU portal. Common holds include: 

  • Immunization Hold: Please contact Student Health Services 
  • Financial Hold (overdue library books, past-due account balances, etc.): Please contact AU Central

Students who attempt to plan multiple sections of a topics course (e.g. SIS-619, SIS-635, SIS-653) may receive a message indicating that the course is a duplicate, has already been planned, is in progress, has been added to the student’s schedule multiple times, or is already enrolled in another term. Students may disregard these messages for topics courses, as they are allowed to register for different sections of the same topics course (e.g. students may register for both SIS-619-001 and SIS- 619-002 during the same semester).

Students should receive notification of any course prerequisites or restrictions when they plan courses to their schedule. Students will not be prevented from planning a course for which they have not yet met the prerequisite or do not meet the restriction. However, students will be prevented from registering for any course for which they have not met the prerequisite or do not meet the restriction. 

Prerequisite waivers cannot be viewed in Eagle Service. Instead, students may view their existing prerequisite waivers on their unofficial transcript, which may be found in the myAU portal under “Academics” - “View Unofficial Transcripts”. 

Students who pass the SIS Economics Placement Exam receive a prerequisite waiver to register for SIS-616 International Economics, SIS-731 Economic Development or SIS-620 Environmental Economics, not a blanket prerequisite waiver for any course that requires ECON-603 as a prerequisite. Students seeking to register for other courses that have ECON-603 as a prerequisite should contact the faculty member for permission to register. 

Please contact your Graduate Academic Advisor about any prerequisite questions.

If a course is closed, students need to go back into the Registration portal and hit 'Waitlist' in order to be placed on the waitlist for the desired course. Students are not added automatically to a waitlist for a course and must select to be added to the waitlist.

Students may add themselves to the waitlist for any course that is closed or waitlisted (with the exception of skills institutes, which do not have waitlists). Students may only be waitlisted for three courses total, and may not be on the waitlist for multiple sections of the same course (this does not include Topics course numbers, e.g., SIS-619). If you are on the waitlist for one section of a course (e.g., SIS-600) and you register for another section of the same course, you will be automatically removed from the waitlist for the original section.

Once on the waitlist, active students on a waitlist are granted permission to register as space become available on a first-on/first-off basis. Before 8 a.m., eligible students receive an email in their AU email account from the University Registrar that alerts them to an available space in the waitlisted section. Students will have until 5:59 a.m. the following day to enroll in that section of the course. Unfortunately, if a student does not register within this allotted time frame, their waitlist status expires and the space becomes available for the next eligible student. Students who have difficulties registering for a course from a waitlist after having received notification of an available space should contact the Registrar’s office at 202-885-2022.


All internships (both non/0-credit and for-credit) require additional registration processes and are not registered in Eagle Service. Non-credit internships are used solely to fulfill the Professional Experience requirement. Internships for academic credit can fulfill the Professional Experience requirement and may be counted towards academic program requirements (e.g. elective). All students registering internships for academic credit are required to participate in an online internship course.

Registration deadlines are listed on the University Academic Calendar and are also sent to students in the Graduate Advising weekly bulletin. Tuition charged for for-credit internships is the same as the normal tuition rate. There is no cost for non-credit internships.

Find out more about internship registration.

Students do not register themselves for practica in Eagle Service. The SIS Office of Experiential Education will register all students who are selected for and accept a placement in a practicum course. Additional registration information will be included in the student's practicum acceptance email. 


In order to support students preparing for the Tool of Research (TOR) language exam, the Center for Language Exploration, Acquisition & Research offers a number of digital resources.

Students wishing to waive the pre-requisite of SISG-773 to register for SISG-764 International Economics or SISG-768 Economic Development may be required to take SIS Economics Placement Exam. Students should check with their academic advisor if they have any questions about whether they must take the exam.


That depends on your graduate program.

If you are a student in either the on-campus or online MIS program, the Immersion is a required on-campus component of the 15-week hybrid Executive Leadership course.

The Executive Leadership course is a required three-credit course for Master of International Service (MIS) degree candidates. The beginning of the course takes place over three full days on campus. The rest of the course meets online in weekly, 80-minute live sessions. The course incorporates lessons in decision-making, ethical leadership, strategic communication, teamwork, emotional intelligence, leading multi-cultural workforces, and change and crisis management. Students who take this course will have an opportunity to gain insight on their leadership strengths, challenges that may be impeding their effectiveness, and ways of creating leadership impact.

MIS students who have fulfilled their Executive Leadership requirement, are eligible to take Immersion skills institutes with MAIR students. Please contact your Academic Advisor to discuss this option. 

If you are a student in the MAIR online program, the Immersion is an on-campus skills institute required for your graduate degree.

Each semester, the IR Online program offers both on-campus and online skills institutes, which are worth one elective credit each, are pass/fail, span one or two immersive weekends, and cover topics like Multinational Negotiation, Data Visualization, and Policy Briefing. When these skills institutes take place on-campus, they are part of the “on-campus Immersion program” which is a package program and includes career development opportunities, faculty dinners, and group outings. When they are online, they take place entirely via live session and require no additional on-campus component.

Most MAIR students fulfill 3 of their 6 required elective credits by taking one on-campus Immersion and two one-credit online skills institutes. Students are only permitted to take a maximum of 3 one-credit skills institutes.  

Information about skills institute topics and dates is released with the list of standard 15-week courses in the registration email each semester. Students can sign up for both online skills institutes and on-campus Immersion skills institutes through the portal themselves. Those who register for the Immersion will be asked to complete a separate Google survey to provide information such as parking needs and dietary restrictions. An advanced deadline is set for the Immersion each year (e.g. May 3-6, 2018 for the Summer 2018 Immersion), after which late adds and withdrawals may carry academic and financial implications.

Yes, fees vary for students in the MIS and MAIR programs. Students seeking to utilize financial aid or veterans benefits to cover the cost of summer tuition are encouraged to contact the Office of Financial Aid ( or Scott Cassidy ( in our Veterans Affairs office to learn more about program fee implications.

The Immersion program is offered every summer and fall semester. Students attending the fall Immersion are eligible to participate in the SIS Site Visit Program. The SIS Site Visit Program is an annual career event designed to facilitate career exploration and networking for the school's graduate students. Site Visit information and registration instructions are sent separate from the fall Immersion emails.


  1. Student applies to graduate on under "Academics" 
  2. Advisor clears student to graduate
  3. Registrar populates link to "Rent my Regalia" in 
  4. Student rents regalia
  5. IROnline on-campus Commencement celebration 
  6. SIS Commencement ceremony

Students finishing their degree requirements in a subsequent semester should not apply to graduate in that semester, but may be eligible to participate in the Commencement ceremony.

Students with 3 credits or fewer remaining are eligible to walk in the semester prior to their graduation. Please complete and submit the Commencement Participation Request form to to have your request considered.

Yes, students looking to walk in a later ceremony can also fill out the Commencement Participation Request form.

Yes. The full Commencement ceremony will be live-streamed for family who cannot physically come to campus.

Yes, all award recipients are honored at a reception hosted by the president during Commencement weekend and also recognized during the ceremonies. 

Find out more about how to nominate someone for an award.


Latin Honors are only granted at undergraduate level and in the Washington College of Law (WCL). Unfortunately Latin Honors are not granted at the graduate level for students at the School of International Service.