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Meet the Director | Global Media Program

Director's Message

Amanda Taylor

I am delighted to welcome you to the Global Media (GM) program, a joint program run through the School of International Service and the School of Communication. The program has consistently and uniquely recognized the need to train emerging global leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the role of media in shaping communication at the international, inter-organizational, and interpersonal levels.

The GM program continues to be an innovator in the field, with courses and faculty research examining some of the critical issues of our time. We explore the role of social media in shaping international relations, recognize the media-related underpinnings informing diplomatic relations, and examine the emergence of media diplomacy.

Whatever it is we ultimately do in the workforce or the world, the GM community—our faculty, our students, and our alumni—are poised to make a powerful impact in the field. We do hope you will join us.

Best Wishes,

Dr. Amanda Taylor