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EDF Scholarship Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines

Find out if you qualify for an IMI Scholarship


The applicant must demonstrate an interest in intercultural communication, negotiation and leadership through course work, academic or community activities, and/or active participation in organizations that serve internationally diverse populations.

The applicant should meet a least one of the following criterions:

  • Academically registered student in good standing (must have proof of academic enrollment).
  • Recent college graduate with a letter of support from a former professor or current supervisor.
  • Working professional or volunteer with supporting letter from the director or supervisor of the program or organization.



To apply for conference funding through IMI's Education and Development Fund, please complete our online application.

You will be required to add to the application:

(1) a one-page resume,

(2) at least two references,

(3) a letter of support,

(4) proof of academic enrollment or letter of good standing (for students only)


Materials may also be sent by postal mail to:

ATTN: Education and Development Fund
Intercultural Management Institute
East Quad Building, Suite 105
School of International Service
American University
4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20016
United States



Award recipients are required to serve as Conference Ambassadors and contribute social media commentary. Award winners will be provided more specific instruction and session recommendations prior to the conference.

Application Closed