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Alumni Events

Annual IPCR Alumni Event

This past May, a group of IPCR alumni gathered together at the Arlington Rooftop Bar and Grill for the 2nd Annual IPCR Alumni Event. Pictures to come!

General Description of Alumni Roundtable Series

The IPCR Alumni Roundtable Series is a response to students’ interest in building stronger connections with local alumni. The Series began in the Fall of 2008 with three roundtables structured around the themes of working in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. The series continues on different themes to help students explore professional options that they are already interested in or to expand their concept of possible career options with a degree in International Peace and Conflict Resolution. The events are set up as roundtables to facilitate candid discussion between students and alumni who once stood in their shoes and now share common roots as members of the IPCR community.

Interested in participating in an Alumni Roundtable? Tell us where you’re working! Write to with your title, organization, and area of focus.

Spring 2012 Alumni Roundtables

IPCR Hosts Alumni from the State Department's Conflict and Stabilization Operations Bureau 

Two IPCR Alumni, Clint Fenning and Nicole Goodrich, reflected on their IPCR experiences and current professions during the first Spring Roundtable. Clint Fenning (MA/IPCR ’05), is currently a CSO Stabilization Officer with recent deployments in South Sudan and Afghanistan. Clint has also worked closely with the military in Iraq. He explained that the perspective someone with a peace and conflict resolution background provides in such conflict situations is viewed as “gold dust” sprinkled over complex and challenging interactions.

His colleague, Nicole Goodrich (MA/IPCR ’02), is a Conflict Prevention Officer who has conducted Interagency Conflict Framework Assessments in Timor-Leste, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal and Zimbabwe. Both Nicole and Clint shared that their career paths have been messy, but they gave encouraging insight to students who are on similar career paths. They shared that the field of International Peace and Conflict Resolution is gaining greater acknowledgement all the time.

Former CPI Leaders Return to discuss careers with current students

Five former leaders of the student organization Creative Peace Initiatives (CPI) spoke to current students this Spring. Current CPI leaders co-sponsored the event and attended with questions ready for their predecessors. The five women gave invaluable advice about seeking a position with an organization whose values align on a personal level. They discussed the continued gender disparity, especially at higher levels of leadership in the field and hierarchical versus horizontal organizational structures in the work place. EPGA alumna, Sarah Jakiel, who is now the Deputy Director at the Polaris Project, emphasized the importance of going abroad to gain direct experience. She also advised students to look for specific skills that they can gain from job experiences that might not be their dream job to build their resumes for future employers in organizations more directly related to their interest.

Four other alumni participated in the April 4th roundtable, representing jobs in the private sector, non-profits, and faith-based organizations. Emily Siegel (MA/IPCR ’08) from Interfaith Peacebuilders, Sarah Beller (MA/IPCR ’09) from J Street Education Fund, Nina Talley-Kalokoh (MA/IPCR ’08) from Encompass, LLC, and Micael Bogar (MA/IPCR ’10) from Chemonics, all offered their own experiences of perseverance and emphasized the rewarding feeling of working for organizations that value creativity, innovation, and professional growth.

IPCR Alumni Returns from New Zealand to Share Fulbright Experience

Elli Nagai-Rothe (MA/IPCR ’10) returned to campus after a year of research on race relations in New Zealand to share her reflections on the year and on the Fulbright application process. With about 15 people in attendance, the conversation moved between a comparison of racial structures and challenges in each country to questions from eager future Fulbright applicants about how to best convey their research project.

Stay Connected with the IPCR Community

There are many ways alumni can stay connected with IPCR!

  • Network and connect with current students
  • Be part of a panel of alumni and share your stories with new and prospective students
  • Spread the word about the great events, publications and other endeavors involving IPCR faculty, staff, students and alumni
  • Stay in touch and let us know about your work
  • Join the IPCR Community Group Page on Facebook
  • Tell us how we can help you

For information on any of these opportunities, please contact 202.885.1622 or email

Alumni Return for Career Planning Workshop

The IPCR Career Planning and Exploration Workshop sought to provide soon-to-be graduates and continuing students with an opportunity to find out what sort of careers IPCR alumni have found and seek their advice on how to navigate the job hunt.

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