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International Peace and Conflict Resolution | SIS


IPCR prepares students to participate creatively in peacebuilding in conflict and post-conflict societies. The analysis of systemic and overt violence and the causes of war, of human rights and peacebuilding, and of conflict resolution alternatives leads students to a deeper understanding of the complexities of conflict situations, the social impact of nonviolent movements, conflict resolution practice, and peace studies. Our students also learn what it takes to develop cooperative relationships.

Our students are challenged to probe philosophical thought and the cultural basis of belief systems and existing theories, be they psychological, social, political, religious, economic, or communication theories. The rigorous academic curriculum helps our students to develop critical thinking and analytical skills as well as alternative methodologies for research. The cutting-edge research and professional engagement of faculty members encourages students to think about and develop new models for an unfolding society and to link theory with practice. The curriculum also trains students to shape policy and social structures.

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