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AU Negotiation Project

American University Negotiation Project (AUNP) is a forum for those interested in practicing and improving their negotiation skills. AUNP hosts skills workshops, simulations and other events throughout the semester centered on these skills. AUNP also prioritizes hosting guest speakers to enhance our simulations and provide valuable background information for each specific topic. The goal in each simulation we run is to provide participants with a place to develop and enhance their understanding of negotiation theories through practice. The simulations cover diverse topics and formats, such as bilateral, multi-party and mediated-style negotiations. The negotiations apply to a diverse array of settings such as international relations, business, public policy, non-profits and law. Each simulation is unique and previous knowledge is never necessary for participants. During the simulation and the subsequent debrief, members will gain valuable insight into their own inter-personal negotiation abilities and develop a better understanding of the challenges conflicting parties and/or mediators face. To contact us, please email aunegotiationproject@american.edu.

AUNP Board for the 2014-2015 Academic Year:

President - Jordan Hersch

Vice President - Christy De Long

Marketing/Communications - Rachel Tranchik and Matthew Chrastek

Event Coordinator - Matthew Burgoyne

Treasurer - Katie Langford

A look back at some of our previous events:

September 19, 2010 - Northern Ireland Negotiation Simulation with guest speaker Professor Margaret Smith from American University (Simulation written by AUNP members Matt Fuller and Alison DeCamp) Event was co-sponsored by SEPGA.

November 11, 2010 - Salary Negotiation Simulation facilitated by ASU Professor Jess Alberts

October 22, 2010 - Negotiation Simulation facilitated by Skip Cole from USIP

October 10, 2010 - Iraqi Displacement Simulation facilitated by AUNP founder Julie Szegda

From the Classroom to the Workforce

LINC Negotiation Architects

LINC Negotiation Architects, a DC based partnership that provides negotiation training on issues related to international conflict, continues to spread its message about the importance of skilled negotiators in understanding and resolving conflict.

SIS alumni Julie Szegda (IPCR), Nicole Finnemann (IPCR), Maureen O’Brien (IPCR), Shezaad Dastoor (IPCR), and Chris Argyris (IP) formed LINC after having success with the American University Negotiation Project (AUNP), a graduate student organization they created to provide a forum for people interested in practicing their negotiation skills. Although they have moved on, AUNP continues to draw audiences from the AU community.

It all started when five graduate students enrolled in SIS Professor Anthony Wanis- St John’s IPCR course on International Negotiation. These fresh first semester graduate students were inspired by Dr. Wanis-St John’s innovative teaching style, which brought together both theory and practice through custom made negotiations simulations. Seeing the need for more opportunities to simulate conflict situations, LINC was formed to research and develop further simulations, which are each crafted to reflect the intricate dynamics of some of today’s most complicated conflicts.

LINC’s clients include the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) Education and Training Program, Kids for Peace, the Korean Economic Institute (KEI), UPeace/US, AU Washington Semester, and the Peacebuilding and Development Institute (PDI). They are currently writing two new negotiation simulations for USIP and will be facilitating a simulation at the UN Millennium Plaza and the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations for the conference "Moving Forward: A Renewed Approach to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Forum" in early April.

LINC would like to thank Professor Wanis-St. John for his guidance and support, and to welcome IPCR masters graduate Aaron Hall to the LINC team as Director of Outreach and Africa expert.

For more information about LINC, including upcoming DC events, please visit their website at www.lincnegotiations.com