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Mohammed Said Farsi Chair of Islamic Peace

Students listen at a lecture.


The mission and purpose of the Mohammad Farsi Chair is to promote the study and understanding of Islam and peace, and of Islamic contributions to the quest for global peace, world community, and human solidarity. Islamic perspectives on social justice, the environment, conflict resolution, cultural diversity and governance, as well as the contemporary and historical role of Muslims in peace making, will be explored through teaching, curriculum development, scholarship, academic conferences, and outreach to a broad audience that includes high schools and community colleges.

"The establishment of the Chair of Islamic Peace will advance the understanding for the benefit of Muslims and non-Muslims alike--that peace and reconciliation are principles that reside at the very heart of Islam. Islam is perhaps the most misunderstood religion today, both among non-Muslims as well as among some Muslims themselves. The saying of the Prophet Muhammad appears to have been realized: 'Islam began as a stranger, and it will revert again to the condition of being a stranger. Blessed are the strangers.' The media-driven caricature of Islam in the West portrays it as an alien ideology driven by violence, intolerance and irrationality. This negative image compromises Western policies toward the Islamic countries and undermines world peace."
     - Abdul Aziz Said, American University, December 1996

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Mohammed Said Farsi Chair of Islamic Peace
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