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Become a Leader of Positive Change

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Are you driven to make a difference? With a master's in International Development, you'll focus on improving opportunities for the world's most disenfranchised communities and learn to effectively drive meaningful change throughout the world.

  • Tailor your degree with our wide range of concentration options — management, gender, economics, environment — or design a specialty relevant to your own needs and interests
  • Access Washington institutions and development aid agencies around the world to put theory into practice through internships and hands-on learning opportunities
  • Develop a multidisciplinary approach to international development, theories, issues, and programs

Growing Income and Opportunity

The seeds of landing my dream job were planted at SIS.

I want rural, low-income farmers to have more opportunities: access to health care; education; better technology; the chance to simply take a vacation. As part of the field operations team at One Acre Fund, I help remove the income barriers standing in their way by increasing their harvest and household profits. This is my dream job, and the seeds of that dream were planted at SIS.

Make the Most out of Your Master's Degree

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As the center for policy and social change, DC affords you access to government agencies, advocacy groups, and related international organizations.

President Barack Obama delivers a speech at a lectern at the School of International Service.


Join one of the best-established development programs in the United States, housed within a top-10 school of international affairs.

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Benefit from our program’s deep roots in the profession. You’ll gain access to one of the largest concentrations of faculty and more than 1,200 alumni in related development positions worldwide.