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Master's Degree in US Foreign Policy and National Security

Play a Role in Advancing America's Interests

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At the School of International Service, we believe the world needs leaders ready to serve. In our US Foreign Policy and National Security (USFP) master’s program, you’ll explore the historical underpinnings of US foreign policy, discuss today’s pressing issues with diverse world leaders who regularly visit campus, and emerge prepared for a career in government service or the private sector.

  • Advance US interests at home and abroad through a holistic approach to foreign policy and national security
  • Join a cohort of graduates working in the intelligence community, the White House, executive branches, think tanks, consulting firms, and international organizations
  • Gain real-world experience through practicum opportunities, simulations, and internships

The world needs young leaders ready to serve

We need you and your cohort to be committed and willing to serve.

I am a passionate advocate to this day for young people serving in government, the Foreign Service, civil service, the military, and the intelligence community. There's nothing more rewarding than working on the toughest problems with smart people and serving your country. I would plead with students to stay the course, don't give up, get the necessary skills and training, and stay hungry.

Make the Most out of Your Master's Degree

US Flags in front of Capitol Building


As the center for policy and social change, DC affords you access to government agencies, advocacy groups, and related international organizations.

President Barack Obama delivers a speech at a lectern at the School of International Service.


Join a top-10 school of international affairs and take advantage of our world-renowned faculty and active global alumni network of more than 20,000.

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Tailor your degree to your interests and goals with our large number of concentrations, including public diplomacy, US defense politics, and national security strategy.