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Master's Degree in Comparative and Regional Studies: Global CRS

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What sets SIS apart?

  • 50 percent of incoming School of International Service graduate students receive merit-based aid
  • Number 8 ranked international relations master's program in the world
  • 96 percent of our master's degree graduates are working within six months

Global CRS: Preparing regional experts

At the School of International Service, we have always known that the best way to study the politics and policy of a region is first-hand. Global CRS, part of our Comparative and Regional Studies (CRS) program, allows you to study European affairs while spending nearly nine months in region. Our partners, Sciences Po and the Graduate Institute Geneva, will host you for your first spring semester, and the experiences you’ll have in Paris or Geneva will prepare you for a summer internship in Brussels, where you’ll explore in-depth the dynamics of European affairs.


  • Skills. Prepare to be a regional expert with a deep understanding of key global issues.
  • Network. Join a cohort of graduates working abroad and domestically in diplomacy or policy in public service and the private sector.
  • Regional Experience. Through Global CRS’s unique curriculum, gain real-world experience in region that will help establish you professionally.

Fieldwork in Europe and Eurasia with CRS

The CRS program encouraged and supported me in country fieldwork.

Through the CRS program, I studied the politics of the Black Sea Region in Tbilisi, Georgia, and conducted field research. My field research discovered a link between corruption and democratic backsliding in Romania. My travel and fieldwork experiences prepared me to enter a political science PhD program, and my work in Romania is now the foundation for my dissertation.