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SIS welcomes Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau March 11 Remarks followed by Q&A with students

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will speak at American University’s School of International Service at 10:30 a.m., Friday, March 11. Prime Minister Trudeau will give brief opening remarks and then engage in a question and answer session with students from the school. 

Mr. Trudeau’s talk at SIS coincides with his first official visit to the United States since taking office in November 2015. Mr. Trudeau jumped onto the international scene with his emotional welcome of Syrian refugees and an ambitious commitment to accept 25,000 refugees, which was achieved in February of this year.

Mr. Trudeau has pursued his goal to change the tone and direction of Canadian foreign policy through an active role in multilateral diplomacy and global cooperation. To that end, he has personally participated in the United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP21; the APEC Summit; the G20 meetings; and the World Economic Forum.

“SIS invited Prime Minister Trudeau not only because of his status as a world leader, but also because of the active and vocal stance he has taken,” SIS Dean James Goldgeier said. “SIS teaches our students that learning requires engagement, and it will be be terrific for our students to directly engage with him on some of the ideas he has promoted around the world. We expect a lively discussion, as our students never shy away from asking challenging, but thoughtful, questions about complex foreign policy issues.”

SIS Professor Michael Schroeder, director of the school’s Global Governance, Politics, and Security Master’s Program, and a fellow Canadian, added: “In my classes, we wrestle with tough questions about why countries sometimes work together to solve global problems and sometimes fail to cooperate. The prime minister’s visit gives students a unique opportunity to participate in the public debate with a national leader who has made global cooperation a priority. This is the kind of learning experience that every teacher hopes to give their students, but rarely gets the opportunity to provide.”

Prime Minister Trudeau will be joined onstage by American University President Neil Kerwin, who will give opening remarks, and SIS Dean James Goldgeier, who will moderate the question and answer session with students.