SIS Awards 2017

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Congratulations to our SIS faculty, alumni, staff, and student awardees of 2017!

SIS Winners of University Awards

Outstanding Service to the University Community

As Director of the Kennedy Political Union, Valeria Ojeda-Avitia brought in a diverse array speakers like rapper Common, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Anita Hill, and Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors. Ojeda-Avitia's most impactful contribution may have been as campaign manager of Student Government's TurboVote campaign. TuboVote registered 1,000 AU students to vote during the 2016 elections. "I personally was very passionate about TurboVote because I am a daughter of immigrants. I'm really glad that our team registered so many students because we made it that much easier for peers to be civically engaged," Ojeda-Avitia said.

Bruce Hughes Student Achievement Award

Monica Emma made it her goal to steer students toward a more sustainable campus. Emma co-founded the Zero Waste Club, which teaches AU students about contamination and waste on campus through student-led events on campus. Through that work, Emma helped start Project Move In/Out, which encouraged students to donate or sell back unwanted clothing and furniture at the end of the school year. Emma's commitment to sustainability impacted the DC community, as she led an AU team to victory in the "Power to Save Energy" competition. "To have this work noticed by the university through the Bruce Hughes Award, an award that recognizes the leadership and service of students in memory of a man who himself lived these values, is an amazing honor," Emma said.

Carlton Savage Student Achievement Award

Than Htut (Anthony) Aung will receive the Carlton Savage award for promoting intercultural understanding. Aung resurrected the International Student Association and served as vice president of the Asian American Student Union. Aung worked to bring everyone to the table by facilitating events like Asian Pacific Islander Role in the Black Lives Matter Movement, Colors of Southeast Asia, and Indonesia in ASEAN Day. "I felt that it was important to have the Asian American Student Union collaborate with other groups, especially with other Asian organizations, because they all share the same desire-the desire to create a home for everyone studying at American University," Aung said.

Fletcher Scholar Student Achievement Award

Emily Christine Grace Dalgo will receive the Fletcher Scholar Award for her academic research, socially conscious creative writing, and her commitment to food security on campus. Dalgo drafted a proposal to create an AU food pantry, which is currently being developed. "AU isn't immune to classist stigmas of poverty and hunger that cause silence around these issues, so I wanted to take action to try to change the conversation and help students who have struggled with food insecurity feel heard and understood," Dalgo said.

Kinsman-Hurst Student Achievement Award

Megan Madeira will receive the Kinsman-Hurst Award for her leadership of different organizations on campus. As president of the School of International Service Undergraduate Council, she created the Students Outreach and Aid for Refugees committee to work with refugees in the DC area. Madeira also organized and co-led a successful three-week Alternative Break to Rwanda with 10 undergraduate and graduate students to learn about women and youth development in a post-conflict environment.

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SIS Faculty Awards

SIS Distinguished Service Award
David Hirschmann
SIS Scholar-Teacher of the Year Award
Akbar Ahmed
SIS Outstanding Scholarship, Research, Creative Activity, and Other Professional Contributions
Amitav Acharya
SIS Outstanding Contributions to Fostering Collaborative Scholarship
Michelle Egan
William Cromwell Award for Outstanding Teaching
Paul Wapner
Outstanding Teaching in a Full-time Appointment
Terra Gargano
Ambassador Sally Shelton-Colby
SIS Morton Bender Nominee
Rachel Sullivan Robinson
Darrell Randall Award for Outstanding Service to the Community
Sharon Weiner
Outstanding Service to the University Community
Pek Koon Heng-Blackburn
Wanda Wigfall-Williams
Outstanding Faculty Mentor
Tammi Gutner
F. Gunther Eyck Award
Aaron Boesenecker
Outstanding Service, Program Director
Simon Nicholson
Judith Shapiro
Outstanding Teaching in an Adjunct Faculty Position
Sherry Mueller

SIS Staff Awards

Outstanding Service to Students
Sarah Riley
Outstanding Team Player
Shayne Melnick
Outstanding Service to the University Community
Samssa Ali
Outstanding Service to the SIS Community
Marley Crutcher
Outstanding Performance
Carolyn Turkaly
SIS Special Recognition
Simona Assenova, HR Foreign Nationals Specialist

SIS Undergraduate Student Awards

SIS-Wide Outstanding Academic Achievement
Emily Dalgo
Exemplary Achievement in Original Research
William Kakenmaster
The Resonator
Samantha Vervaeke
Frank Willis Scotton Award
Rafiat Animashaun
Creative Work in International Studies Award
Stella Cooper
Inspire the Professor Award
Dennis Murphy
Charles H. Heimsath Memorial Award
Joseph Palekas
Pittman B. Potter Award for Outstanding Scholarship in International Law and Organization
Nuha Hamid
Excellence in Regional Studies Award
Gretchen Cloutier
Thematic Area Award in Peace, Global Security, and Conflict Resolution
Megan Madeira
Thematic Area Award in The Global Economy
Deborah Carey
Thematic Area Award in Foreign Policy and National Security
Sameer Chintamani
Thematic Area Award in Global Inequality and Development
Jane Haines
Thematic Area Award in Environmental Sustainability and Global Health
Eliisa Carter
Thematic Area Award in Identity, Race, Gender, and Culture
Emem Obot
Thematic Area Award in Justice, Ethics, and Human Rights
Mattison Johnston
Thematic Area Award in Global and Comparative Governance
Paul Jeffries
Sigma Iota Rho
SIS also welcomed 77 new members into Sigma Iota Rho this year.

SIS Graduate Student Awards

Louis W. Goodman Award for Outstanding Academic Performance, SIS-Wide
Nadezhda Smakhtina
Outstanding Professional, Policy, or Practical Contribution
Gurmat Sahni
Outstanding Service on Campus
Karen Ives
Outstanding Service or Activism off Campus
Krista Bustamante
Louis W. Goodman Award for Outstanding Academic Performance
Deborah Agustoni
Asvatha Babu
Josephine Boyle
Carley Chavara
Nasir Chowdhury
Frieder Dengler
Michael Holmes
Wilhelm Irwe
Didace Kamana
Joseph Marcus
Karen Molokach
Kaylee Robinson
Kelsey Ross
Johanna Royo
Dimitrije Tasic
Notable Professional or Policy Contribution
Emmanuel Awohouedji
Erica Benjamin
Lauren Clemens
Bintu Musa
Joyce Raphail
Patricia Umali
Mathilde Vougny
Notable Service
Lester Asamoah
Corey Broschak
Alexis Gutshall
Valentina Muraleedharan
Katlyln Murray
Lauren Reeves
Bryant Sewell
Simone Williams
Pittman B. Potter Award for Outstanding Scholarship in International Law and Organization
Ben Juvelier
Mahmoud Hamid Award for Notable Professional, Policy, or Practical Contribution
Sarah Veatch
Dr. Mehdi Heravi Internship Fund Recipients
Nora Khatcherian
Devyani Mehta
Kaleigh Thomas

SIS Doctoral Student Awards

Excellence in Research Assistance
Laura Bosco
William C. Olson Award for Outstanding Teaching by a PhD
Eleni Ekmektsioglou
Samuel L. Sharp Memorial Prize for Creative Work in International Relations
Anne Kantel

SIS Winners of External Awards

Boren Fellowship
David Bradshaw
Kevin Burke
Catherine Cohen
Monica Krause
Amanda Lloyd
Joshua Nezam
Patrick O'Hara (Alternate)
Rebecca Pugh (Alternate)
Andrew Smith (Alternate)
Warren Vierheller
Jessica Walton
Jazmin Webb
Gabriel White
Boren Scholarship
Maria Adamou
Ornella Baganizi
Daniel Fitzgerald
Tsering Lhadon
Sarah Melton
Kale Negash
Joni O'Reilly
Elizabeth Raymakers
Catherine Schaper
Sheridan Sullivant (Alternate)
Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship
Christopher Abanavas
Erin Bell
Kirsten Bickelman
Aja Finger
Simone Hutchings
Isabel Moua
Fulbright Grant (Study/Research)
Ronah Baha (Alternate)
Maren Lujan
Rachael Rosenberg (Alternate)
Sagatom Saha (Alternate)
Fulbright Summer UK Institutes
Alexis Braun (Finalist)