SIS Awards 2019

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Congratulations to our SIS faculty, alumni, staff, and student awardees of 2019!

SIS Winners of University Awards

President's Award
Annelise Ivy Straw
Student Award for Outstanding Service to the University Community
Daniela Martinez Berrios
Bruce Hughes Student Achievement Award
Shayna Vayser
Harold Johnson Student Achievement Award
Nickolaus Mack

SIS Alumni Award

2019 SIS Alumnus/a of the Year Award

Miguel Bustos, SIS/MA ‘95

Miguel Bustos is the Senior Director of GLIDE’s Center for Social Justice, a center that influences public policy and changes public perception around poverty, discrimination, and civil and human rights. He is also the Principal Consultant at Bustos and Associates, a firm that partners with civil society, non-profits, governments, corporations, and the philanthropic sector to improve the lives of people and communities around the globe. Prior to joining GLIDE, Bustos was the Senior Vice President of Government and Community Relations at Wells Fargo, the Senior Program Manager for the Americas at the Levi Strauss Foundation, and a policy advisor to the White House.

“Growing up in a Catholic, culturally religious immigrant family in San Francisco was a beautiful thing, but it also had its limitations…in the Mission District, [people from] some parts of San Francisco used to say to us that ‘the only thing that came out of Mission was trash.’ And I can tell you, even decades later, I still sometimes think about that….Even during my time at the White House, I remember thinking, ‘I’m not supposed to be here’,” says Bustos. “I came from a community where there was little opportunity and went to a community at AU that offered the world. I can’t tell you how rich my life has been because of my time at AU.”

SIS Faculty Awards

SIS Distinguished Service Award
Rachel Robinson
Anthony Quainton
SIS Scholar/Teacher of the Year
Susanna Campbell
SIS Outstanding Scholarship, Research, Creative Activity & Other Professional Contributions
Sarah Snyder
Simon Nicholson
SIS Outstanding Contributions to Fostering Collaborative Scholarship
Nina Yamanis
William Cromwell Award for Outstanding Teaching
Lauren Carruth
Guy Ziv
Darrell Randall Award for Outstanding Service to the University Community
Garret Martin
Steve Silvia
F. Gunther Eyck Award
Claire Brunel
Scott Freeman
Outstanding SIS Faculty Mentor Award
Wanda Wigfall-Williams
Miles Kahler
Outstanding SIS Program Director
Jeff Bachman
Outstanding SIS Teaching in an Adjunct Faculty Position
Jerome Sheridan
Award for Excellence in Mentoring of PhD Students
Susanna Campbell
Guggenheim Fellowship
Ibram X. Kendi

SIS Staff Awards

Outstanding Service to Students
Diana Tetterton, SIS Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Outstanding Team Player
Nicole Smith, IPCR Program Coordinator
Outstanding Service to the University Community
Marianne Norman, Director of SIS Undergraduate Advising
Outstanding Service to the SIS Community
David Lindgren, Assistant Director for Grant Development
Outstanding Performance
Julie Walton, SIS Student Affairs Assistant
SIS Special Recognition
John Charles, Career Advisor (AU Career Center)

SIS Undergraduate Student Awards

SIS-Wide Outstanding Academic Achievement
Maria Adamou
Exemplary Achievement in Original Research
Sean Steiner
Frank Willis Scotton Award
Shayna Vayser
Inspire the Professor Award
Andrew Fallone
Creative Work in International Studies Award
Anna Roebuck
Charles H. Heimsath Memorial Award
Kailee Traficante
Pittman B. Potter Award
Sean Peterson
The Resonator
Daniela Martinez Berrios
Excellence in Regional Studies Award
Dayana Sarova
Thematic Award in Peace, Global Security, and Conflict Resolution
Diana Knott
Thematic Award in The Global Economy
Zachary Avis
Thematic Award in Foreign Policy and National Security
Nilaya Knafo
Thematic Award in Global Inequality and Development
Madison Mauro
Thematic Award in Environmental Sustainability and Global Health
Christopher Norton
Thematic Award in Identity, Race, Gender, and Culture
Kiran Ahluwalia
Thematic Award in Justice, Ethics, and Human Rights
Sophia Vos
Thematic Award in Global and Comparative Governance
Masao Dahlgren
Sigma Iota Rho
SIS also welcomed 27 new members into Sigma Iota Rho this year.

SIS Graduate Student Awards

Louis W. Goodman Award for Outstanding Academic Performance, SIS-Wide
Aila Trasi
Outstanding Professional or Policy Contribution
Betül Özyılmaz
Outstanding Service on Campus
Charlotte Ingalls
Outstanding Service or Activism Off Campus
Candace Clark
Louis W. Goodman Award for Outstanding Academic Performance
Sierra Lekie
Valarie Ceballos
Byron Ramirez
Carine Meyer-Rodrigues
Nicole Wells
Christopher M. Kambhu
Heather Harl
Melina Villavicencio Mancero
Melinda Marquardt
Desiree De Haven
Nathan Smith
Lindsay Barclay
Notable Professional or Policy Contribution
Seamus McCarthy
Virgile Mahoro
Sofia Maria Surma
Zitian Sun
Michael Dye
Cristiana Little
Benjamin J. Lundin
Victoria Ernst
Notable Service
Melissa AB Graetz
Ricardo Sanchez Ortegon
Bartlomiej J. Baran
Christina Kuntz
Ilka Walker-Vera
Mariah Davidson
Jahangir A. Ghassemi
Lida Azim
Oleksandra Gubina
Alyssa Tender
Sierra Langford
Pittman B. Potter Award for Outstanding Scholarship in International Law and Organization
Stephanie M. Daigle
Mahmoud Hamid Award for Professional or Policy Contribution
Shayna Brown
Dr. Mehdi Heravi Internship Fund Recipients
Samira Omarsha
Xena Itzkowitz

SIS Doctoral Student Awards

Samuel Sharp Memorial Prize for Creative Work in International Relations at the Graduate Level
Veronica Limeberry
William C. Olson Award for Outstanding Teaching by a PhD Student
Balazs Martonffy
Award for Excellence in Research Assistance
Sahil Mathur

SIS Winners of External Awards

Boren Fellowship
Nathanael Higgins
Shannon McNaught
Casey Nealy
Esther Osborne
Elizabeth (Ashley) Polk
Alexandra Thomas
Kayla Tolbert
Boren Scholarship
Victoria Blymier
Alan De Beaufort
Diana Knott
James Kwon
Madison Moore
Kevin Reckamp
Andrea Snyder
Carnegie Gaither Junior Fellows Program
Masao Dahlgren (Semi-Finalist)
Critical Language Scholarship
Elizabeth Anderson
Victoria Blymier
Catherine Coats (Alternate)
Mackenzie Hale (Alternate)
Alyssa Harvie
Eun Kwon (Alternate)
Zizhan (Azua) Luo (Alternate)
Alexis Maciel
Hana Manadath
Tara Rao
Emily Ronis
Elliott Sanders
Pooja Tilvawala (Alternate)
Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship
Hana Hobscheid (Alumna)
Melanie Izard (Alternate)
Conor Jackman (Alumnus)
Emma Kapoor
Ammarah Rehman
Mackenzie Territo (Alternate)
Nicole Diorio (Alternate)
Loren Stokes (Alumna)
Fulbright Mexico Binational Internship
Sophia Vos
Fulbright Study/Research
Christopher Abbott (Alternate)
Zizhan Luo
Fulbright UK Summer Institutes
Sage Coates-Farley
Paul Sutton (Semi-Finalist)
German Bundestag - International Parliamentary Scholarship
Mikayla Appell (Alumna)
Gilman Scholarship
Dilnoza Khudoyberganova
Jonathan Banasihan
Julia Murphy (Alternate)
Erica Ramirez
Bethlehem Siyoum (Alternate)
Andrew Yianne
Angelica Gonzalez
Natine Macauley
Olayinka Martins
Hannah Wilson James
Killam Fellowship
Zachary Rubiner
MENAR Fellowship
Nada Mousa (Alumna)
Pickering Fellowship
Jasmine Hardy (Alternate; Alumna)
Chenoa Lee (Semi-Finalist; Alumna)
PPIA Fellowship
Alexis Braun
Dilnoza Khudoyberganova
Farzana Line
Shadi Nasabzadeh
PPIA Public Service Weekend on Civic Engagement
Shadi Nasabzadeh
Princeton in Africa
Ornella Baganizi
Rangel Fellowship
Jasmine Hardy (Semi-Finalist; Alumna)
Chenoa Lee (Alumna)
Rangel Summer Enrichment Program
Lauren Estrada
Rhodes Scholarship
Angela Pupino (Semi-Finalist)
Annelise Straw (Semi-Finalist)
Truman Scholarship
Alex Csanadi (Semi-Finalist)
Udall Scholarship
Zainab Mirza (Honorable Mention)