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SIS Launches New Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation for Global Impact

We recently spoke with Professor Robert Tomasko to learn more about SIS's new graduate certificate in Social Innovation for Global Impact.
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Mainlehwon Ebenezer Vonhm

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SIS Alumnus Worked to Mitigate Religious Tensions and Wage Peace in the Wake of 9/11

Mainlehwon Ebenezer Vonhm, an alumnus of the Peace and Conflict Resolution program, used his past experiences in Liberia to ease identity-based tensions that were spurred by the 9/11 attacks.
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Scott Freeman, Sarah Snyder, Lyla Saxena, Shannon Short, Danielle Prouty, and Guy Ziv

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How We Spent Our Summer 2021

We caught up with a few SIS professors, students, and a recent alumna to find out how they spent their time during the summer months.
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Two hands hold an Afghan flag.

International ·

5 Questions on Afghanistan: What Brought Us to This Point, and Where Do We Go Now?

In this Q&A, Ambassador Earl Anthony Wayne describes how the Taliban was able to take Kabul so quickly and what the US and its partners should be doing in response to the crisis in Afghanistan.
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Research ·

Closing the Gaps in Chemical Weapons Nonproliferation

AU’s Stefano Costanzi working at the intersection of science and policy
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A plane takes off from Kabul International Airport

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Where Do Afghanistan’s Refugees Go?

Don’t be misled by the scenes from Kabul airport. Most Afghan refugees don’t leave in an airplane, and few will settle in the United States.
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The flag of Afghanistan.

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Afghanistan Only the Latest US War to Be Driven by Deceit and Delusion

Secretary of State Tony Blinken said that the US Afghanistan pullout is not a repeat of failures in other recent wars. “This is not Saigon,” he said. Professor Emeritus Gordon Adams disagrees.
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A national flag of Afghanistan on a building in Kabul.

International ·

5 Things to Know about the Taliban’s Advance in Afghanistan

Ambassador Earl Anthony Wayne shared with us five important things to know about the Taliban’s advance in the country.
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A map of the United States made up of Democrat and Republican symbols.

Government & Politics ·

How Much Bipartisanship Takes Place in US Foreign Policymaking?

We spoke with SIS professor Jordan Tama and PhD student James Bryan to learn more about their research on bipartisanship in US foreign policy.
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The National Monument in Tunis, Tunisia.

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5 Things to Know about Tunisia’s Democracy Struggle

We asked SIS professor Anders Hardig to share with us five things to know about the state of Tunisia’s democracy.
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