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Past Practica

Fall 2015 Practica

China in Africa
Client: U.S. Department of State, Bureau of African Affairs
Faculty: Ambassador Shelton-Colby
Sustainable Institution Building in Law Enforcement Organizations
Client: U.S. Department of Justice International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program
Faculty: Professor Trace Lasley
Conflict Transformations, Peacebuilding, and Human Security
Client: N/A
Faculty: Professor Hrach Gregorian, Ph.D.
Intelligence Analysis
Client: Defense Intelligence Agency
Faculty: Professor Aki Peritz
Climate Ethics and Environmental Justice
Project 1: Corporate Markers Campaigning
Client: Greenpeace
Project 2: Wildlife Trade Monitoring Network
Client: World Wildlife Fund
Faculty: Professor Jeff Bachman
Program Assessment in Intercultural Leadership Development
Client: Pxyera Global
Faculty: Professor Amae Taylar

Summer 2015 Practica

Kenya: Leadership Development, Program Design and Assessment in International Education
Client: The Dignities Project
Faculty: Amanda Taylor

Israel: Water Cooperation and Peace in the Middle East
Client: Arava Institute for Environmental Studies 
Faculty: Eric Abitol and Ken Conca

Brazil: Rural Development: Participation and Sustainable Livelihoods 
Faculty: Eve Bratman
Client: Iracambi Research Center

Spring 2015 Practica 

U.S. Policy Dilemmas in Arab Transition Countries
Client: U.S. Department of State
Faculty: Gregory Aftandilian
Recommendations from Strategic, Political and Economic Research Groups

Issues of Multinational Enterprises
Clients: Western Services Corporation, Go Green Compost US, and Cvent
Faculty: Catherine Bocskor
Western Services Corporation: Exploring Market Demand for Simulation Software
Go Green Compost US: Final Report
Cvent: European Expansion Research

Hungarian Innovation
Clients: The Hungarian National Office on Innovation (NIH)
Faculty: Catherine Bocskor
Technology Transfer Across Cultures: A Comparative Study of Sustainable Practice in Hungary and the United States

Migration Pressures: Moving Beyond the Humanitarian Crisis
Clients: Primary client: Department of Homeland Security. Secondary clients include embassies of the sending-country nations (Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras), State Department and the Foreign Relations Committees in the House and Senate.
Faculty: Fulton T. Armstrong
Findings and Recommendations Briefing Package

Transformation, Peacebuilding and Development
Clients: Search for Common Ground, Partners for Democratic Change, Alliance for Peacebuilding
Faculty: Hrach Gregorian
Search for Common Ground: Accommodating Religious Identity in Youth Peacebuilding Programs
Partners for Democratic Change: Pathways to Sustainable Mediation
Alliance for Peacebuilding: Executive Summary | Child Soldiers | Identity | Civil-Military Coordination

Strategic Communications
Clients: The Atlantic Council, Save the Children, Women's Alliance for Virtual Exchange (WAVE), and the Tor Project.
Faculty: Eric J. Novotny
Save the Children: Emerging Issues in Global Urban Education
WAVE: Executive Summary and Recommendations

Growth and Development in the Caribbean
Client: Inter-American Development Bank
Faculty: Luca Barbone
Crime and Violence in the Caribbean
Country Reports: Jamaica | Trinidad and Tobago | Suriname | Bahamas

Intelligence Analysis
Client: Defense Intelligence Agency
Faculty: Aki Peritz and John Deni
Drowning in Oil: Indicators of Instability in a Low Price Environment

Corruption and Governance
Clients: World Bank, Transparency International—USA, and Global Financial Integrity
Faculty: Dan Schneider
Transparency International: Procurement Monitoring Project
World Bank: Assessment of Anti-Corruption Reform Entry Points (Presentation)
World Bank: Corruption Assessment Framework for Practitioners

Client: US Department of Justice
Faculty: Trace Lasley
International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program Counterterrorism Training (Executive Summary)

Promoting Human Rights and Non-Violent Conflict Resolution
Clients: United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Promotion and Protection of the Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression
Faculty: Jeff Bachman
The State of Whistleblower and Journalist Protections Globally

Issues in Nonprofit Management
Clients: International Peace and Security Institute and the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy
Faculty: Chic Dambach
Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy: Organizational Analysis
International Peace and Security Institute: Final Report

A New Global Framework for Climate Action
Client: Natural Resources Defense Council
Faculty: S. Jacob Scherr
Cities on the Frontline: Taking Action to Combat Climate Change
Commitment Platforms for Action on Oceans
Sustainable Energy for All: Energizing Ambition for Global Energy Transformation
An Analysis of the Tropical Forest Alliance 2020
United States Cooperation with Developing Countries on Climate Change

U.S. Food/Farm Bill Reform: Agricultural Policy for (Inter)National Social & Ecological Resilience
Clients: Rural Coalition/Coalición Rural and the National Family Farm Coalition
Faculty: Garrett Graddy-Lovelace
View final reports at


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Fall 2014 Practica

Qualitative Data Analysis and Participatory Research in Rural Sierra Leone
Client: Children in Crisis
Faculty: Susan Shepler

Intelligence Analysis
Client: Defense Intelligence Agency
Faculty: Aki Peritz

Human Rights Impact Analysis
Client: Nomogaia
Faculty: John Richardson

The Role of NATO in US National Security Policy
Client: RAND Corporation
Faculty: Stuart Johnson

Transformation, Peacebuilding and Development
Clients: Global Communities, US State Department Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations, Alliance for Peacebuilding
Faculty: Hrach Gregorian

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Summer 2014 Practica

Assessing Intercultural Competence in International Education
Client: Teach for China (Teach for All network)
Faculty: Amanda Taylor

Water, Cooperation and Peace in the Middle East
Clients: Arava Institute of Environmental Studies
Faculty: Eric Abitbol and Ken Conca
The Peacebuilding Impact of Joint Israeli-Palestinian Wastewater Projects

Forests and Livelihoods: Rural Development in Brazil
Clients: Iracambi Research Center
Faculty: Eve Bratman
Livelihoods and the Rural Exodus in Rosario da Limeira, Brazil

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Spring 2014 Practica

Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility: Extractive Industries in Latin America
Client: World Resources Institute
Faculty: Judith Shapiro
Chinese Investment in the Peruvian Mining Sector: Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility

The Environmental and Social Implications of AU’s Carbon Offsets Purchases
Clients: American University Office of Sustainability and University for Peace, Costa Rica
Faculty: Chris O'Brien

U.S. Farm Bill: Agricultural Policy for (Inter)-National Social and Ecological Resilience
Clients: Rural Coalition and the National Family Farm Coalition
Faculty: Adam Diamond

Analysis of U.S. Policy toward Egypt
Client: U.S. Department of State
Faculty: Gregory Aftandilian

U.S. Democracy Promotion in Jordan
Clients: National Democratic Institute for International Affairs
Faculty: Ambassador Sally Shelton-Colby
The Road to Democracy: Assessing NDI's Programs in Jordan | PowerPoint

Intelligence Analysis
Client: Defense Intelligence Agency
Faculty: David Martin-McCormick
Civil War Termination: Applying Historical Lessons to the Syrian Conflict | Executive Summary | Infographic

Engaging and Strengthening the Security Sector in Balkan, Caucasus, and Central Asian Countries
Client: Office of the Secretary of Defense, RAND Corporation
Faculty: Stuart E. Johnson
Building Partner Capacity in the South Caucases

Innovation in Hungary
Clients: The Hungarian National Office of Innovation, Hazikence, MiniBrake
Faculty: Catherine Bocskor
Crowdfunding in Hungary: Analysis & Opportunities
Business Recommendation & Expansion Opportunities for Hazikence Tanoda

Issues in International Economics and Business
Clients: International Trade Administration, Blackboard
Faculty: Catherine Bocskor

Cultural Diplomacy and International Exchange
Clients: International Student House in Washington DC, the Hague University for Applied Sciences, Global Ties U.S., Alliance for International Education and Cultural Exchange
Faculty: Sherry Lee Mueller
International Student House: The International Student Journey into the United States and the Netherlands: A Comparative Analysis | PowerPoint
Global Ties U.S.: Volunteer Engagement and Multi-Generational Collaboration | Webinar | PowerPoint
Alliance for International Education and Cultural Exchange: Re-Branding Advocacy: Navigating Member Communications in a Digital World

Promoting Human Rights and Non-Violent Conflict Resolution
Clients: Freedom House Global, Freedom House MENA Region, Bahrain Center for Human Rights, Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain
Faculty: Jeff Bachman
Freedom House Global: Gender Equity Programming Cycle | PowerPoint
Freedom House MENA: Gender Equity in the Middle East: Integrating Men and Boys
ADHRB: Slaving Away: Migrant Labor Exploitation and Human Trafficking in the Gulf | Advocacy Page

Transformation and Peacebuilding
Clients: Global Communities, Alliance for Peacebuilding, State Department Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations
Faculty: Hrach Gregorian

Strategic Communications
Clients: Save the Children, Atlantic Council, New America Foundation, Woman Alliance for Virtual Exchange
Faculty: Eric J. Novotny

Reforming Policy, Coordination and Implementation of U.S. Foreign Aid
Clients: USAID Africa Bureau, Department of Justice
Faculty: Irving Rosenthal
Framework for Evaluating Local Partnerships | Logical Framework
Food Security in Ethiopia | PowerPoint

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Fall 2013 Practica

Transformation and Peacebuilding in Societies in Transition
Client: Partners for Democratic Change (Final Report) and Global Communities (Final Report)
Faculty: Hrach Gregorian

Intelligence Analysis
Client: Defense Intelligence Agency
Faculty: David Martin-McCormick

Global Defense Exports
Client: Aerospace Industry Association
Faculty: Frank Kenlon

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Summer 2013 Practicum

Water, Cooperation, and Peace
Clients: Arava Institute for Environmental Studies and the Palestinian Wastewater Engineers Group (Final Report)
Faculty: Eric Abitbol

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Spring 2013 Practica

Conflict Resolution and Change Management in Transitioning Democracies
Faculty: Hrach Gregorian - A Conceptual Model of Peacebuilding and Democracy Building - Integrating the Field (PDF) | Working in the Nexus of Peacebuilding and Democracy Building (PDF) | USAID/HIGA UBEHO "Be Determined and Live" (PDF) | Partners Yemen and the Nexus Model (PDF)

Cross Cultural Collaboration in Global Virtual Teams: Disability, Development, and Diplomacy
Faculty: Derrick L. Cogburn

Drivers of Development and Conflict in the Mekong River Basin
Faculty: Ken Conca

Farmers, Fairness & the Farm Bill
Faculty: Garrett Graddy - final report

Foreign and Defense Policy for the Middle East
Faculty: Joseph McMillan

Intelligence Analysis
Faculty: David Martin-McCormick

International Financial Flows and Transnational Investment: Best Environmental Practices – includes overseas travel - final report (PDF)
Faculty: Judith Shapiro

Issues in International Economics and Business
Faculty: Catherine Bocskor

Local-scale Sustainable Design in Washington, D.C.
Faculty: Victoria Kiechel - final report (PDF)

National Security and the Arctic
Faculty: Dennis Clare

Program Evaluation of Health Prevention in Rwanda - includes overseas travel
Faculty: Hrach Gregorian

Public Diplomacy
The Honorable Jill Schuker - final report (PDF)

Strategic Communication
Faculty: Eric Novotny - Cycling in Latin America and the Caribbean final report (PDF) | Urban Child Protection (PDF) | Urban Hunger and Livelihoods (PDF) | Urban Hunger and Livelihoods and Child Protection Executive Summary (PDF) | Cybernauts (PDF)

Supporting Youth Practitioners: Enhancing the Role of Youth in Development
Faculty: Loubna Skalli-Hanna

U.S. Food/Farm Bill Reform: Agricultural Policy for Social and Ecological Resilience
Faculty: Victoria Kiechel

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Fall 2012 Practica

China, Latin America, and Challenges for USFP - final report
Faculty: Sally Shelton-Colby

Counterterrorism - final report
Faculty: David Martin-McCormick

Non-Proliferation - final report
Faculty: Whitney Raas

Strategies for Managing Risk - Health Finance final report | Climate Change final report | Food Security final report
Faculty: Thierry van Bastelaer

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Spring 2012 Practicum

Youth to Youth: Measuring Student Engagement
Client: Search for Common Ground
Faculty: Susan Shepler
Youth to Youth: Measuring Youth Engagement

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