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Interdisciplinary Degrees Offered by the School of International Service

MBA/MA in International Affairs

Degree Requirements (60+ credit hours)

The Kogod School of Business and the School of International Service (SIS) jointly offer dual programs. Generally, these programs require a student to complete at least 60 credit hours.

These programs offer students the opportunity to combine solid business skills with an expertise in international studies - a particularly valuable benefit as businesses adjust to the global market, and international organizations are asked to increase productivity through better business practices.

To participate in a dual degree program, you must be accepted by both schools. However, if you apply to a dual degree program through Kogod, your application will be automatically forwarded to SIS.

In the dual degree program, you can access the same tremendous pool of resources as all Kogod students. These include:

  • Specialized libraries, including the libraries of the European Commission, the US Congress, and the Organization of American States
  • Corporate headquarters and public affairs offices of major corporations
  • Major media outlets
  • Exchange programs, including programs with Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan; Korea University in Seoul; and Moscow State University in Russia
  • Publication options, including student-run journals and student-faculty research projects
  • Public dialogue opportunities
  • Research experiences (e.g., working with faculty on emerging research projects and carrying out independent field studies)
  • Career managment, including alumni networking and the services of the Kogod Career Services office
  • Internship possibilities with Fortune 500 companies and organizations (e.g., Mobil Oil in Hong Kong; Procter & Gamble in Buenos Aires; Siemens in Munich, Germany; and the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative in Washington, DC) Admission to the MBA/MA in International Affairs program is highly selective and open to full-time students only.

Admission to one degree program alone does not automatically confer admission to the dual program.

If you are an incoming student, you are only required to complete one online application. You may apply to the Kogod School of Business or the School of International Service (SIS). If you are applying to Kogod, you must take the GMAT. Indicate on your online application that you are applying for the dual program. Once your file is complete, it will be forwarded to SIS for review. If you are applying to SIS first, you must take the GRE exam. Your file will be forwarded to Kogod once it is complete.

For students currently in SIS who are interested in adding the MBA portion to their degree, you must go to the SIS admissions office and request that your file be sent to Kogod Graduate Admissions. You must fill out a Supplemental Form  and attach an updated resume and personal statement.