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SIS is a diverse community united by a common commitment to service.

At SIS, the pursuit of knowledge aims to tackle the greatest global challenges of our time. Our research approach is inclusive and multidisciplinary, a place where issues and outcomes matter more than methodologies and schools of thought. We believe that the inclusion of diverse approaches and views is the foundation of rigorous research. We hope you’ll take a moment to explore all of the exciting research projects, publications, and events happening at SIS.

Total grant funding increased more than 50 percent from 2018 to 2019

Recent Highlights


What does the vaccine gap mean for the world?

Maria de Jesus on the role inequitible vaccine distribution plays in global herd immunity. 

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Research in Action: SIS Diplomacy Lab

Amb. Tony Wayne's students delve into developing solutions for current issues while gaining exposure to real-world stakeholders, including the DOS.


Akbar Ahmed

Examining Islam's Golden Age

Akbar Ahmed's new book 'The Flying Man' examines the scholars of Islam's Golden Age.

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Image of the Capitol building with a translucent image of an American flag over a trump flag and a translucent Q in the middle.

Security, Technology, Innovation ·

A Breeding Ground for Conspiracies:
How QAnon Helped Bring About the U.S. Capitol Assault

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Listen now to the latest episode: Can US Policing Be Redeemed?

Overcoming Denialism from the Top

Nina Yamanis on how local health leaders mobilized to fill a gap in Tanzania's COVID response.



Randy Persaud

Randolph Persaud On COVID & Africa

Randolph Persaud on the African continent, vaccine marketing structures, and lessons from the HIV/AIDS fight.


Creating a Foundation for Social Justice

Grad school is an opportunity to learn new skills and about other issues.

IPCR gave me the skills needed to work with groups of various backgrounds—knowing what to ask, how to behave, how to develop projects and identify what needs to be identified. What are the gaps? The IPCR program showed me how to assess and respond to them.