SIS Research has a dedicated staff that assists faculty through research and publication processes, from creating research goals to polishing research design, from identifying grant opportunities to submitting completed proposals, and from hosting book development incubators to promoting published works to targeted audiences.

SIS Research assists faculty members seeking to develop, strengthen, and sharpen their research objectives. SIS Research will:

  • Develop research goals
  • Design research projects

SIS faculty members never need to apply for external funding alone. Faculty supply the vision, write the grant narrative, and coordinate the research team. We facilitate the rest of the proposal and internal review, allowing faculty to focus on the big picture. SIS Research will:

  • Review grant guidelines and identify potential red flags
  • Propose a timeline and work plan to ensure full internal review
  • Develop a budget and budget justification
  • Liaise with the sponsor and AU Office of Sponsored Programs
  • Furnish samples and templates
  • Assist with supporting documentation
  • Review narrative and provide comments from the perspective of a reviewer
  • Ensure proposal moves quickly through internal review and approval

Whether you want to bring together a group of peers to discuss a work-in-progress or need suggestions on how to promote your new book, SIS Research will:

  • Organize book incubators
  • Post working papers
  • Promote publications
  • Host book launches on and off site

SIS-specific grants & fellowships

This continuously updated repository of grants and fellowships includes opportunities targeted to SIS faculty.

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Funding Proposal Timeline

All sponsored research proposals, including most preliminary proposals, must be approved by the SIS Senior Director of Research and American University’s Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP). Faculty submitting funding proposals to external organizations must send a completed proposal to SIS Research at least 10 business days before the submission deadline.

  • 10 business days prior to the sponsor deadline: Faculty must submit a complete proposal, including all required documents, to SIS Research for review and approval. We will review, request necessary changes, and provide editorial suggestions.
  • 6 business days prior to the sponsor deadline: Faculty must make all necessary changes and provide revised proposal to SIS Research. We will send the proposal to the Office of Sponsored Programs for review.
  • 5 business days prior to the sponsor deadline: The Office of Sponsored Programs requires five business days to review proposals, and faculty should be available to respond to any requested changes during the review period.
  • Prior to the sponsor deadline: OVPR will inform the PI when the proposal has been approved, and either the PI or OVPR will submit the proposal to the sponsor.

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