Israel: The Prospects for Peace Jerusalem, Israel

Israel: Prospects for Peace summer seminar standing in front of a scenic painting in Israel.


The Israeli-Palestinian conflict remains one of the most intractable conflicts in the world. The Trump administration, like its predecessors, has declared its intention to end it by mediating a deal. This course will provide students with a deeper understanding of the problems that have confounded the Israeli-Palestinian peace process to date, with an emphasis on the "final status" issues - borders, Jerusalem, refugees, and security. To that end, we will meet with a broad spectrum of scholars, politicians, activists, and representatives of different religious communities in Israel to better understand these, as well as other sticking points, including settlements and terrorism, in Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking.

Program Dates

Pre-departure workshops
April and May 2019. Exact dates to be announced.
Dates Abroad
May 29-June 16, 2019
Optional Internships
Variable Dates

Program Fees


All students accepted to the program must confirm their spot by paying a non-refundable $300 deposit, to be applied towards tuition for the program.  

Program Fee

Students will be required to pay a program fee. The program fee covers in-country transportation, some meals, housing and excursions. 

All students are responsible for 3 credits AU tuition, international airfare, visa fees, in-country transportation outside of program, most meals and immunizations.


In this 3-credit course, students will have the opportunity to spend significant time living, studying, and working in a region that is experiencing monumental social and political change. 

The seminar is designed to provide students with insight into Israel as a sovereign and international actor, and to the underlying dynamics of the country's unique political system, diversified culture, and myriad political, social, economic, and environmental issues. Through a combination of site visits and direct interaction with both governmental and non-governmental stakeholders, participants  will learn first-hand about ongoing efforts to address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israel's security concerns, Arab-Israeli peacemaking, the special relationship between Israel and the United States, and the challenges brought forward by the desert ecology of the region.

SIS can also help students who participate in the seminar obtain an internship with a partner organization in Israel. The internship experience is not an integrated part of the seminar program and can be done for credit, or on a non-credit bearing basis for MA students only who wish to complete their professional experience requirement.

Faculty Director

Application Deadlines

February 22, 2019

Applications Now Open

If more space is available, applications will move to a rolling basis after this deadline until early March. You will be notified by email with a decision regarding your nomination for study abroad. At that time, students will be required to submit a non-refundable deposit of $300.

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Suggested Program Match

The program invites applications from all US-based graduate students who have completed at least 6 credits with interests in comparative political systems, history, gender, human rights, international communication, international politics, Middle East area studies, international security, peace and conflict resolution, international development, and environmental conservation.