Congo & Uganda Summer Internships

East and Central African Association for Indigenous People

In the East and Central Africa, ECAAIR is working with Communities to protect and promote the rights of the most disadvantaged indigenous and minority communities. Our aim is to promote democracy, advocate for the cessation of discrimination against indigenous peoples, and end corruption and exploitation of pygmy communities. The pygmy communities are a particularly disadvantaged group in the east and central African region. Thus, ECAAIR pays particular attention to the challenges the pygmy communities face. The intern will work with indigenous communities in Uganda. Interns will have the chance to increase their fundraising, awareness, and advocacy skills through a variety of tasks including organizing community events, reaching out to potential organizations through social media, and interviewing and identifying needs of families and pygmy communities.
Content Areas
Research, human rights
minimum of 12 weeks
Ambassador Fredrick Wangabo Mwenengabo – Executive Director