Jordan Summer Internships

Arab Institute for Security Studies

The Arab Institute for Security Studies is a regional organization located in Amman (Jordan). Established in 1995, the Institute carries out its activities in association with a number of local, regional and International agencies, including the United Nations, League of Arab States and other bodies. The Institute operates under Royal patronage with an International board made of highly qualified members. The Arab Institute for Security Studies is committed to sustaining world peace, contributing to peaceful relations amongst people of the world and maintaining global security. The Institute addresses conditions necessary to promote peace and stability regionally and internationally in accordance with the principles of the United Nations. The Institute seeks to provide accurate and efficient diagnosis of the security situation and provide recommendations on some of the pressing issues.
Amman, Jordan
Content Area
Weapons of Mass Destruction-Free Zone (WMDFZ) in the Middle East, Arab-Israeli conflict- monitoring extremism in the region
Two (2) Interns
Intern Preferences
Good background of U.S. congress, previous internship experience, knowledge of Arabic preferred
Dates and Hours
Sunday to Thursday from 9:00- 3:00
Contact Info
Dr. Ayman Khalil - Director