Kazhakstan Summer Internships

UNICEF Kazakhstan Child Protection Program

The UNICEF Kazakhstan Child Protection programme collaborates with the Government to further develop an effective central and local level child protection mechanisms, including prevention of 0-3 age child abandonment, an independent child rights monitoring, data collection and coordinated cross-sectoral systems of detection of, referral for and response to the physical, psychological and social impact of violence, abuse, neglect, exploitation and exclusion. It enhances decision-making and the targeting of resources through improved gender-disaggregated data collection and mapping of children not currently reached or neglected like children with disabilities in line with the principle of the best interest of the child in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. There is a particular focus on children in residential education and care institutions, children with disabilities and children in contact with the law, including child victims and witnesses of crime
Astana, Kazakhstan
Content Area
law, human rights, policy, media relations, children's issues, marginalized populations
An intern at UNICEF Child Protection will be responsible for providing technical, logistical and administrative support to the Program in particular:
  1. Studying UNICEF Kazakhstan work in theory and practice
  2. Assistance in developing child protection communication materials
  3. Interview target groups of UNICEF’s assisted projects and write human interest stories
  4. Assistance to the Astana based child abandonment prevention, social inclusion of children with disabilities, justice for children and child care system reform programs in mainstreaming social work, fine-tuning reports for production, reviewing the draft studies and tools
  5. Assistance in developing donor proposals in child protection area
  6. Participation in UNICEF CP events/meetings with partners and program monitoring visits
  7. Provision of support in work processes, telephone calls, filing and copying of documents;
  8. Develop a brief final report on internship/volunteering at UNICEF
Required Skills
  1. The candidate intern would need to be enrolled at the university level in social, legal, health or pedagogical fields
  2. The candidate intern would have good communication skills
  3. The candidate intern should be able to work effectively on multiple assignments
  4. simultaneously and adapts to changing demands and circumstances.
  5. The candidate intern should have interpersonal skills – able to work well in a multicultural team environment.
  6. The candidate intern should have knowledge of Russian and/or Kazakh Language.
Minimum of 6 weeks, maximum of 15 weeks
Contact Info
Mr. Jun Kukita – Head of Kazakhstan Office
Mrs. Zhanar Zhumabekova – Human Resource staff
Ms. Tatiana Aderikhina – Supervisor