Morocco Summer Internships

Droit et Justice

The intern will be the only one working on different projects and events (we are launching next month the court monitoring project, roadshow project in rural areas on the website (previous events). They just launched in August 2013, a new project for asylum seekers managed by our project coordinator Maud Depresle. The new intern will also be working on project proposals that need to be sent to current and potential partners on other interesting new projects.
Casablanca, Morocco
Content Area
Law, Human Rights, Research, Policy, Refugees
Preferred Skills
Excellent writing skills (efficient not lengthy), experience within an NGO is preferred, Research skills, Quick learner
Minimum of 6 weeks - 40 hours/week
Contact Info
Oulamine Law Group,
2 Rue Abou Faid Almasri
Casablanca, Gauthier, 20060 Maroc
Tel : +212 (0) 522 228 285/87
Fax : +212 (0) 0522 228 286