Nicaragua Summer Internships

Health Poverty Action

Managua and Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua
Design a strategic fundraising plan, including some projected cost opportunities for investment, to be implemented through Nicaragua. Carry out research and write a report making specific recommendations regarding the potential for broadening income streams in Nicaragua, with a particular focus on unrestricted income, identifying potential institutional, corporate and individual donors and investors who can be most effectively reached through our Nicaragua office. The final report should also identify and examine the feasibility of social business opportunities as well opportunities for soliciting restricted and unrestricted donations. This work would be done in coordination with the direction of fundraising office in London and the Country Manager
Content Area
Economic Empowerment, Microfinance, Social Enterprise, Sustainability
Preferred Skills
Fluent spoken and written English and Spanish is essential.
As high a level as possible of experience and expertise in at least one of fundraising, research, and social enterprise investment. Documenting projects and making of handbooks or very schematic guideline of processes.
Five days a week, eight hours a day for a period of six weeks.
Contact Info
Juan Herrera – Program Manager