South Africa Summer Internships

Course Offering: Democracy & Development in South Africa (Cape Town) 

Priority for these positions will be given to students who are participating the SIS Summer 2016 Abroad Program in South Africa. Application deadline is March 1 and later applicants will be admitted on a rolling basis. SIS cannot guarantee placement with these organizations.

  1. PASSOP – People Against Suffering, Oppression and Poverty – Refugee issues, migration, NGOs Initially launched to express the views of those in the Zimbabwean Diaspora, Passop has become a vocal advocacy group for refugees. Passop is committed to the promotion and protection of the rights of refugees, asylum seekers and both documented and undocumented immigrants in South Africa. 

    Examples of past internship work: Conducted research for Passop’s Swaziland Democracy Campaign and Anti-Deportation Campaign. Created and implemented a Needs Assessment Survey for informal settlements. Did Data entry, research and monitoring for the Zimbabwean Dispensation Project. Monitored the Refugee Reception Center. Assisted in the development of Passop’s new LGBTI Project by writing articles for Pink Tongue and Out in Africa and drafting a funding proposal. Created a jobs database with refugee C.V. information for the Passop website. Served on a team that organized the launch of Passop’s report, “Dream Deferred: Is the Equality Clause in the South African Constitution’s Bill of Rights Just a Far-off Hope for LGBTI Asylum Seekers and Refugees?” 
  2. Inyathelo – South African Institute for Advancement – NGO training and capacitybuilding, fund-raising, philanthropy Inyathelo supports strategic philanthropy by assisting institutions and organizations in developing a professional approach to raising the donor investment required to advance their objectives. Inyathelo offers training programs aimed at capacity-building and leadership development. 

    Examples of past internship work: Wrote a comprehensive and extensively researched brief on what financial investment and banking institutions in the U.S., the UK and Europe offer their high-net-worth clients in terms of philanthropy services. Attended meetings of the Funding Practice Alliance and attended and contributed to various internal meetings and presentations.  
  3. DEDT – Department of Economic Development and Tourism, Western Cape Government– Development, tourism, public sector, local governmental agencies As an office of the provincial government of the Western Cape, the Department oversees projects and facilities in the areas of arts and culture, business and economy, education, local government development, and tourism. 

    Examples of past internship work: Analyzed the Local Economic Development (LED) budget spending and projects/strategies for 30 municipalities within the Western Cape Province. Contributed writing to the background section of the report. Contributed writing to an economic literature review for the SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) Baseline Survey. 
  4. Mhani Gingi – Social entrepreneurship, women, youth, sustainable business solutions, poverty elimination, environmental awareness Mhani Gingi is an organization that strives to provide innovative business solutions which are sustainable and profitable and contribute towards alleviating poverty in South Africa.

    Examples of past internship work: Developed strategic documentation for network member initiatives and developed a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) strategy for overall network initiatives. Acted as a small business consultant for Hope Soap (recycled soap enterprise development), developed a business plan for Hope Soap, and recorded training materials and a DVD to allow for project roll-out. Drafted a planning document and agenda for the 2014 Women’s Ideas and Trade Fair. Attended meetings with possible vendors for the WITF and meetings with Mhani Gingi partners and trustees. 
  5. Mthente Research and Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd – Business consulting, trade and investment, economics, monitoring and evaluation, market research Mthente Research and Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd is an experienced team of economists, social scientists and business consultants with a singular focus - to promote excellence in Africa by providing applied research and practical business services.

    Examples of past internship work: Developed a total cost of ownership (TCO) formula for the cost of Microsoft vs. open source software in schools. Did a literature review on organizational capacity assessment tools to measure the capacity of civil society organizations, synthesized information and developed organizational capacity assessment indicators, and drafted a user manual for the organizational capacity assessment tool.