Social Enterprise in Action

Many of our students choose this program because they want to completely immerse themselves in making positive change in the world, study with people who have similar career passions, and be part of a lifetime support network. Social Enterprise students work alongside each other and become valuable resources for each other; they consult for real organizations to address real challenges; and they learn by trying and not just thinking.

Social Enterprise students have resume-worthy experiences and achievements that motivate them to stretch their abilities and achieve their goals.

On Campus

What will you accomplish as an SE student?


Social Enterprise students explain why they chose to pursue their degree and what they have found most valuable in the program.

Get Involved

A look at some of the ways you can get involved during your time on campus. 

Co-Curricular Activities

A lot of what students learn while in the program will come from what they do-with fellow students-outside the classroom. They'll have opportunities to:

  • Participate in a self-assessment process to help identify and make the most of their personal strengths, weaknesses, and interests
  • Get to know like-minded graduate students from across the SIS spectrum of masters degrees through involvement with the school's Social Innovation Fellows
  • Obtain coaching about launching a new venture or starting an NGO
  • Participate in professional networking events, on and off-campus
  • Attend the annual Harvard Social Enterprise Conference with fellow Social Enterprise students
  • Serve as a coach or mentor to others interested in social innovation; teach what they learn in the classroom to off-campus social entrepreneurs

Social Enterprise Association DC

Housed at American University’s School of International Service, the Social Enterprise Association organizes educational, professional, and social events for all of AU and the DC social enterprise community. Typically, Social Enterprise Association DC organizes events on the first Friday of every month. Connect with the Social Enterprise Association DC on Facebook.

Graduate Student Council

The SIS Graduate Student Council (GSC) is committed to providing professional development, advocating for graduate students, and building a school-wide community. GSC provides opportunities to graduate students to plan and participate in social and professional development events, serve on school committees, advocate for themselves and their peers, and generally have their voices heard in the SIS administration. With a team of senators representing the various programs at the School of International Service and a dedicated Executive Council, the GSC strives to be a leader both inside and outside American University. Contact the GSC at