Connecting students and building community

The Diplomatic Corps is a student group devoted to fostering community within SIS and representing the school beyond its walls.


  1. To serve as guides for incoming and current SIS students, by acting as thoughtful role models and advocates, and facilitating access to people and resources.
  2. To represent SIS during the recruitment process and beyond, by sharing personal experiences and insights with campus visitors.
  3. To facilitate community-building in the School of International Service at large.


Explore SIS

A new program designed to replace SIS Mentorship and complement AUx, Explore SIS provides a bridge between first-year students and SIS, in order to ensure that they feel connected to their major from day one. Corps Guides work with first year students in their sections of World Politics. They play an essential role in facilitating participation in SIS-related events, and in connecting students to SIS faculty.

Office Hours & Recruitment

Corps Guides regularly represent SIS at recruitment events, and hold Office Hours in the SIS Atrium as a way of connecting to current and prospective students. While students touring American University for the first time can use AU Ambassadors as a resource to answer any questions about the university, they can rely on the Diplomatic Corps to learn about students’ experiences in SIS.

Culture Cafe

The SIS Culture Cafe provides a space for students and faculty across the school to gather together and discuss international events, literature, and arts. In 2018 we are piloting our Summer Book Club.