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Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium

students watch a panel presentation at the 2017 Undergraduate Research Symposium

Research is an integral aspect of the SIS undergraduate experience, and presenting research at an academic conference is an excellent way to meet other researchers exploring similar topics, to engage in discussion and debate with fellow researchers, and to learn from others. If you have a research project that you would like to share with the SIS community, then the Annual SIS Undergraduate Research Symposium is the event for you! Join us for a day of enriching educational exchange where you will discuss a wide range of international affairs research from students in all of the SIS Undergraduate Program’s Thematic Areas, receive constructive feedback on your own research from SIS faculty members and graduate students, and have the experience of presenting in an academic conference setting. The best research projects and presentations will be recognized with distinction and awards.

The 21st Annual SIS Undergraduate Research Symposium will be held on Wednesday, April 25, 2018. Students from across the SIS Undergraduate Thematic areas will present their research to SIS students, faculty, staff, and alums in panel discussions (held in the SIS Abramson Family Founders Room) and in a poster session (held in the SIS Atrium). Application details will be posted in early spring of 2018. Please email any questions to We look forward to seeing you at the Symposium!

Previous Symposiums

The 20th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium was held on Wednesdays, April 26th, 2017 in the Abramson Family Founder's Room and Atrium of the SIS building. Congratulations to the prize winners of the 20th Annual SIS Undergraduate Research Symposium:

  • Best Research Papers:
    • Bill Kakenmaster, “Belonging in a New Home: Discursive Othering of Latin American Immigrants in U.S. Print Media.”
    • Shayna Vayser, “Women in Red: Femininity and Womanhood in Soviet Animation.”
  • Best Oral Presentation: Emily Dalgo, “Memories of U.S.: National Myths and the Emergence of Xenophobia in American Anti-Establishmentarianism.”
  • Best Poster Presentation: Savannah Soter, “Hostage Negotiations: An Analysis of the United States’ Presidential Policy Directive 30 and its Corresponding Rate of Foreign Hostage Recovery.”

Congratulations to the prize winners of the 19th Annual SIS Undergraduate Research Symposium:

  • Best Research Paper: Celia Lohr, “Solidarity of the Colonized: A Discourse Analysis of Sinn Feins’s Connection to Palestine.”
  • Best Oral Presentation: Meredith Hiles, “A Second Coming? Religious Rhetoric in Times of Existential Threat?”
  • Best Poster Presentation: Anisa Rahaman, “The Growth of St. Louis Suburban Youth Gangs.”

Congratulations to the prize winners of the 18th Annual SIS Undergraduate Research Symposium:

  • Best Research Paper: William Kakenmaster, "Indigenous Identity, Land Tenure, and Human Rights: The Case of the Marlin Mine in San Miguel Ixtahuacán, Guatelmala"
  • Best Oral Presentations: Jennifer Bradley, "Understanding Refugee Identity in a Globalizing World" and Gretchen Cloutier, "Latin American's Female Prisoner Problem: How the War on Drugs and Feminization of Poverty are to Blame for the Increase Incarceration of Women."
  • Best Poster Presentation: Chandler Coniglio, "Serving Women: Does Gender Equality Derive from Service Exports?"

Congratulations to the prize winners of the 17th Undergraduate Research Symposium:

  • Best Research Paper: Amanda Brenner
  • Best Oral Presentation: Priyanka Srivinasa
  • Best Poster Presentation: Mildred Miranda-Cruz