Approved Courses All semesters

This is a list of courses approved for undergraduates at SIS. It is updated as new courses are approved. It is not semester specific.  To see what is available for a particular semester, cross-reference this list with the semester filters in the Course Catalog in Eagle Service.

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Acronym List

Peace, Global Security, Conflict Resolution
Global Economy
Foreign Policy and National Security
Global Inequality and Development
Environmental Sustainability and Global Health
Identity, Race, Gender, Culture
Justice, Ethics, Human Rights
Global and Comparative Goveranance
Sub-Saharan Africa
East Asia
Europe and Eurasia
Western Hemisphere
Middle East North Africa
South Asia
Approved Courses
Dept Number Title Approved For
AFAM 396 African Performance as Politics AFR
AFAM 396 Black Masculinities IRGC
AMST 320 The Black/Gay Experience in America IRGC
AMST 330 Refugees, Migration, and Culture IRGC, JEHR
AMST 330 Sexuality and Social Media IRGC
AMST 340 The Latino Community of the DC Metropolitian Area WHEM
ANTH 350 Food and Ecology ESGH
ANTH 439 The Indigenous Cheapeake WHEM
ANTH 422 Neoliberal Globalization & Health GID, ESGH
ANTH 424 Science, Technology, and Health ESGH
ANTH 440 Contemporary Ethnographies IRGC
ANTH 496 Gender in Modern East Asian Visual Culture EASIA
ANTH 531 Ancient Cultures of Mexico and Central America WHEM
ANTH 421 Health Geographies GID, ESGH
ANTH 425 Health, Care, and Social Movements ESGH
ARAB 302 Advanced Arabic I MENA
ARAB 303 Advanced Arabic II MENA
ARAB 426 Intellectuals and Society in the Arab World IRGC, MENA
ARAB 426 Introduction to Classical Arab Literature MENA
ARAB 426 Islamic Africa MENA
ARAB 426 Modern Arabic Literature (previously The Making of Modern Arabic Literature) MENA
ARTH 205 Renaissance Perspectives: European Art 1300-1600 EURO
ARTH 225 Buddhist Arts of Asia EASIA, SASIA
ARTH 350 Chinese Architecture EASIA
ARTH 396 Court, Nation, Empire: History of British Art EURO
ARTH 396 Latin American Art History WHEM
ARTH 396 Material Culture of China EASIA
ARTH 423 East-West Photography IRGC
ASIA 100 Introduction to Asia EASIA
ASIA 196 Introduction to East Asian Literature and Cinema EASIA
ASIA 200 Modern East Asia EASIA
ASIA 210 Modern South and South East Asia SASIA
ASIA 260 Asian American Experiences EASIA
ASIA 296 Is Mindfulness Buddhist? EASIA
ASIA 396 Cultural Dimensions of Korean Cool EASIA
ASIA 396 History of Modern India SASIA
ASIA 396 Japan and Korea Past and Present: A Complicated Relationship EASIA
ASIA 396 K-Pop in North Korea EASIA
ASIA 396 Modern Korean History EASIA
ASIA 396 North Korean Leadership EASIA
ASIA 496 Asia Through the Story Ocean EASIA
AWST 115 Introduction to the Arab World MENA
AWST 225 Arab Societies MENA
AWST 296 Media and the Arab World MENA
AWST 350 Decolonial Feminisms in the Arab World IRGC
AWST 396 Christians in the Islamic Middle East MENA
AWST 396 Dynamics of Arab-Middle East Business World MENA
AWST 396 Islamophobia: Fear, Language, Discourse MENA
AWST 396 Media On & Of the Arab World IRGC, MENA
AWST 396 Middle East Sectarianism MENA
AWST 396 Political Islam and the Middle East MENA
AWST 396 State Making in the Middle East MENA
AWST 396 Women and Islam in the Middle East IRGC, MENA
CHIN 312 Advanced Chinese EASIA
CHIN 396 Chinese Civilization: Tradition and Transformation EASIA
CHIN 400 Modern China through Popular Culture EASIA
COMM 365 Digital Media and Culture IRGC
COMM 396 Race, Gender & Sexuality in the Media IRGC
COMM 396 Ident, Power & Misrepresentn IRGC
COMM 414 History of Cross Cultural Cinema IRGC
COMM 516 Masters of European Cinema EURO
COMM 567 Communication and Social Change IRGC
CRGC 396 Thinking Freedom From the Global South IRGC
ECON 318 Economic History GID
ECON 332 Money, Banking, and Finance in the Global Economy GE
ECON 346 Competition, Regulation, and Business Strategies GE
ECON 351 Comparative Economic Systems GE
ECON 359 Global Health and Economic Development GID, ESGH
ECON 361 Economic Development GID
ECON 362 Microeconomics of Economic Development GID
ECON 363 Macroeconomics of Economic Development GID
ECON 371 International Economics: Trade GE
ECON 372 International Economics: Finance GE
ECON 374 Gender Roles and the Economy GE, IRGC
ECON 379 Economics of Environmental Policy GE, ESGH
ECON 458 Economic World Regions: The Arab World MENA
ECON 458 Economics of World Regions GE
EDU 385 Globalization and Education GID
EDU 596 Educational Policy in the Global South EURO
EDU 596 Gender, Education, and Development GID, IRGC
EDU 649 Non-Formal Education and Development GID
EDU 698 Comparative and International Education GID
ENVS 410 Environmental Science I ESGH
ENVS 324 Environmental Health ESGH
ENVS 454 Geographic Information Systems ESGH
ENVS 455 Environmental GIS ESGH
FIN 460 Financial Modeling GE
FIN 463 International Finance GE
FIN 464 Financial Markets and Institutions GE
FIN 576 Student Managed Investment Fund GE
FREN 322 Advanced French I EURO
FREN 433 All Courses EURO
GERM 230 The Modernist Explosion: Culture and Ideology in Europe EURO
GERM 340 From Faust to the Berlin Wall EURO
GERM 342 Kafka and Modes of the Imagination EURO
GERM 432 Studies in German Film EURO
GNED 230 Brazil: Samba, Soccer, Cinema, and Beyond WHEM
GNED 230 Modern Africa AFR
GOVT 432 Contemporary African Politics AFR
GOVT 233 Communism and Capitalism in East Asia EASIA
GOVT 315 Elections and Voting Behavior GCG
GOVT 335 Democratization--Theory and Practice PGSCR, JEHR
GOVT 349 Middle East in Comparative Perpective MENA
GOVT 396 Building Political Institutions After the Arab Spring MENA
GOVT 396 Political Violence and Civil Wars PGSCR
GOVT 408 The Idea of America in European Political Thought, 1492-9/11 EURO
GOVT 426 US Intelligence Community FPNS
GOVT 430 Principles of Homeland Security FPNS
GOVT 432 Chinese Politics: Structure, Institution, Culture and Change EASIA
GOVT 432 Israeli Politics and Public Policy GCG, MENA
GOVT 432 Political Institutions and Processes of Africa AFR
GOVT 433 Political History from Pre-Colonialism to the Present AFR
GOVT 450 Politics in Cuba WHEM
GOVT 464 Politics and Policy in the Digital Age FPNS
GOVT 465 Politics and the Internet FPNS
GOVT 487 Gender and Politics in the Middle East MENA
GOVT 496 Political Economy of COVID-19 in Asia and Latin America EASIA, WHEM
GOVT 496 Political Economy of Inequality in the Global South GE, GID
GOVT 496 Politics of Peace in Northern Ireland PGSCR, EURO
GOVT 496 The Political Economy of Development GID
GOVT 496 Turkey and its Neighbors EURO, MENA
GOVT 656 Voting Behavior, Elections, & Campaigns GCG
HIST 110 Renaissance and Revolutions EURO
HIST 120 Imperialism in History EURO
HIST 140 Modern European History 1750-Present EURO
HIST 202 The Ancient World: Greece EURO
HIST 203 The Ancient World: Rome EURO
HIST 204 Medieval Europe EURO
HIST 221 History of Britian I EURO
HIST 222 History of Britian II EURO
HIST 225 Russia and the Origins of Contemporary Eurasia EURO
HIST 231 The Russian Empire 1650-1917 EURO
HIST 232 The Soviet Union EURO, SASIA
HIST 235 The West in Crisis EURO
HIST 241 Colonial Latin America MENA
HIST 242 Latin American Since Independence MENA
HIST 245 Modern Jewish Civilization EURO
HIST 247 Muslim Empires 1300-1920 MENA, SASIA
HIST 248 Introduction to the Modern Middle East MENA
HIST 251 History of Chinese Civilization EASIA
HIST 251 History of Modern China EASIA
HIST 285 Understanding Africa: Conquests, Protests, and Post-Independence Struggles AFR
HIST 296 American Military History (AKA U.S. Military History: 1850 to Present) FPNS
HIST 296 Arabs and Persians MENA
HIST 296 U.S. Military History: 1850 to Present (AKA American Military History) FPNS
HIST 311 Expectation and Experience: Interpreting the New World EURO
HIST 322 British History 1815 to Present EURO
HIST 327 Twentieth Century Europe EURO
HIST 330 Antiquities, Exploration, and Empire: From Pompeii to the Moon EASIA
HIST 334 Israel Between 1967-1973 MENA
HIST 344 History of Jewish-Muslim Relations MENA
HIST 443 HIstory of Israel MENA
HIST 344 Israeli Society Through Immigration MENA
HIST 344 Spanish Jewish Diaspora EURO, MENA
HIST 349 Modern Iran MENA, SASIA
HIST 385 Islamic Africa AFR
HIST 385 Africa Through Foreign Eyes AFR, MENA
HIST 396 Alexander the Great EURO
HIST 396 Social History of the Middle East MENA
HIST 399 Gender and Sexuality in Africa IRGC, AFR
HIST 399 The Cold War FPNS
HIST 412 All Courses EURO
HIST 412 Forced Migration in 20th-Century Europe IRGC, JEHR
HIST 412 Urban Modernism and the Politics of Memory IRGC, EURO
HIST 418 Nazi Germany EURO
HIST 419 Holocaust EURO
HIST 428 The French Revolution EURO
HIST 437 British Women and Internationalism, 1850-1950 IRGC, EURO
HIST 438 French History Since 1789 EURO
HIST 440 All Courses WHEM
HIST 440 United States and Latin America FPNS, WHEM
HIST 445 Central Asia in History FPNS, EURO
HIST 445 The Cold War and the Spy Novel FPNS, EURO
HIST 447 All Courses EASIA
HIST 448 American Culture in the Nuclear Age FPNS, IRGC
HIST 449 The US and International Human Rights FPNS, JEHR
HIST 450 Colonial North America WHEM
HIST 460 US Foreign Relations to 1918 FPNS
HIST 461 US Foreign Relations Since 1918 FPNS
HIST 485 Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Beyond EASIA
HIST 486 The Enlightenment EURO
HIST 496 Americans in the Middle East FPNS
HIST 496 Cultural Cold War 1917-1991 EURO
HIST 496 Pop Culture and the Holocaust EURO
HIST 500 Early Modern European History World War I FPNS
HIST 500 Empire in Comparative Perspective FPNS, GCG, EURO
HIST 500 Globalization, Americanization, and Anti-Americanism FPNS
HIST 500 Nationalism and Empire EURO
HIST 500 Postwar America: 1945 - 1970 FPNS
HLTH 370 Local to Global: Health Policy and Systems ESGH
HLTH 396 Global Health Perspectives ESGH
HLTH 440 Advanced Epidemiology ESGH
HLTH 441 Health Communication IRGC
HLTH 485 Dynamics of Tropical Diseases ESGH
HLTH 575 Global Health GID, ESGH
HLTH 585 Global Health Policy ESGH
IBUS 300 Fundamentals of International Business GE
IBUS 350 Global Emerging Markets GE
IBUS 408 Export-Import Management GE
IBUS 450 Microfinance in Global Business Development GID
IBUS 461 Islamic Finance in the Global Economy GCG, MENA
IBUS 462 Islamic Capital Markets and Sukuk MENA
IBUS 463 International Finance GE
IBUS 496 Blockchain in the Global Economy GE
ISR 396 Israeli Society MENA
ITAL 318 Italian Conversation and Composition I EURO
ITAL 319 Italian Conversation and Composition II EURO
ITEC 447 Cybersecurity Governance FPNS, GCG
JLC 413 Law and the Environment ESGH
JLC 470 Causes of Terrorism and Political Violence PGSCR, FPNS
JLC 471 Evolution of Global Jihad PGSCR, MENA
JLC 474 Domestic Terrorism and Political Violence FPNS
JLC 475 Terrorism and Counterterrorism PGSCR, FPNS
JLC 478 Investigating Terrorism FPNS
JLC 482 Crime and Conflict Nexus PGSCR
JLC 483 Cyber Threats and Security PGSCR
JLC 485 Foreign Fighters PGSCR, FPNS
JLC 484 Intelligence Analysis FPNS
JLC 485 Illicit Organization Behavior PGSCR, FPNS
JLC 485 Psychology of Terrorism PGSCR, FPNS
JLC 485 Strategic Intelligence Analysis FPNS
JLC 485 Strategy and Tactics of Terrorist Organizations PGSCR, FPNS
JLC 485 Transnational Dimensions of Political Violence PGSCR, FPNS
JLC 496 Social Justice Movements JEHR
JLC 496 Terrorism in the 21st Century PGSCR, MENA
JLC 496 The Problem of Torture in Counterterrorism FPNS
JLS 596 Girls and Gangs IRGC
JWST 205 Ancient and Medieval Jewish Civilization MENA
LIT 121 Contemporary Chinese Fiction and Society EASIA
LIT 225 African Literature AFR
LIT 232 Shakespeare EURO
LIT 240 Asian American Literature EASIA
LIT 250 Lit, Film, and Globalization AFR, MENA
LIT 265 Victorian Literature, Culture, and Power EURO
LIT 267 Literatures of the Global South AFR, EASIA, SASIA
LIT 334 Literature of the English Revolution EURO
LIT 334 Wordplay in the English Renaissance EURO
LIT 340 Victorian Decadence EURO
LIT 346 Critical Studies of Pop Culture IRGC
LIT 367 Nigerian Literature AFR
LIT 367 Queer African Film and Fiction IRGC, AFR
LIT 367 Topic in Hispanic Studies: National Identities and New Literary Aesthetics in Latin America WHEM
LIT 381 Literature from the Holocaust EURO
LIT 381 Kill The Body, Keep the Land PGSCR
LIT 434 Adv. St. Medieval/Early Mod Lit) Early Modern London:Text, Sound, and Space EURO
LIT 435 Advanced Studies in African American Literature: Black Power IRGC
LIT 446 Desire in World Cinema IRGC, EASIA
LIT 467 Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, and Others EURO
MGMT 360 Social Entrepreneurship GID
MGMT 361 Global Entrepreneurship and Micro Enterprises GE
MGMT 396 Corporate Entrepreneurship EURO
MGMT 405 Race in the Marketplace IRGC
MGMT 460 Social Purpose Innovation and Entrepreneurship ESGH
MGMT 471 Peace Through Entrepreneurship PGSCR
PERF 206 African Dance II AFR
PERF 323 History of Music II: Development of Western Music from the Classical Period to the Present EURO
PERF 441 Music in the Middle East and North Africa MENA
PERF 450 Theatre for Social Action and Innovation WHEM
PHIL 211 Introduction to Asian Philosophy EASIA
PHIL 396 Implicit Bias: (In)visible Oppression JEHR
PHIL 413 All Courses EASIA
PHIL 458 Derrida and Buddhism EASIA
PHIL 496 Contemporary Africana Philosophy AFR
RELG 185 The Religious Heritage of Asia EASIA
RELG 240 Global Religious Ethics EASIA
RELG 245 Stories of South Asia: Sovereignty, Strategy, and Satire SASIA
RELG 396 Modern Myth: Midnight's Children SASIA
RELG 470 Islam MENA
RELG 473 Hinduism SASIA
RELG 475 Religion and Global Violence PGSCR, IRGC
RELG 486 Religions of Israel MENA
RELG 486 Religions of China EASIA
RELG 486 Religions of the African Diaspora AFR
RUSS 200 Russia and the United States EURO
RUSS 548 Contemporary Russia Through the Eyes of Russian Authors EURO
SISU 211 Civilizations of Africa AFR, MENA
SISU 212 China, Japan, US EASIA
SISU 213 Contemporary Europe EURO
SISU 214 Contempory Latin America WHEM
SISU 215 Contemporary Middle East MENA
SISU 216 Contemporary Russia EURO
SISU 217 Contemporary India SASIA
SISU 218 World of Islam MENA
SISU 296 US Asia Relations EASIA
SISU 296 Malcolm X and Human Rights IRGC, JEHR
SISU 310 Gender and Violence IRGC
SISU 310 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution GCG
SISU 310 The Politics of Conflict and Conflict Resolution in Africa AFR
SISU 310 Violence and Peace in Latin America WHEM
SISU 310 All Courses PGSCR
SISU 318 The Revisionists: Chinese and Russian Politics and Foreign Policy EASIA, EURO
SISU 318 All Courses PGSCR, FPNS
SISU 319 Arab-Israeli Relations PGSCR, MENA
SISU 320 Growth and Development Challenges: East Asia GID, EASIA
SISU 320 International Economic Policy GCG
SISU 320 Sustainable Economic Development GID
SISU 320 All Courses GE
SISU 321 Political Economy of Africa GE, AFR
SISU 324 Breakfast in the Americas GE, GID, WHEM
SISU 324 All Courses GE, WHEM
SISU 329 Global Economic Governance GE, GCG
SISU 330 Cyber Security and Conflict in International Relations PGSCR
SISU 330 Negotiating Global Challenges GCG
SISU 330 North East Asia Regional Dynamics EASIA
SISU 330 North Korea and International Security PGSCR, EASIA
SISU 330 The End of the Cold War EURO
SISU 330 Transnational Organized Crime PGSCR
SISU 330 US-Israel Relations MENA
SISU 330 All Courses FPNS
SISU 334 Foreign Policy Toward Latin America FPNS, WHEM
SISU 340 Politics of Foreign Aid FPNS
SISU 340 Religion, Security, & Development FPNS
SISU 340 All Courses GID
SISU 340 Modern African Metropolis GID, AFR
SISU 348 Gender and Development GID, IRGC
SISU 349 All Courses GID, ESGH
SISU 350 Political Ecologies of Food and Agriculture GID, WHEM
SISU 350 All Courses ESGH
SISU 350 Pandemics, Ethics, and Public Health JEHR
SISU 352 Enviromental Politics of Asia ESGH, EASIA
SISU 358 Global Health GID
SISU 359 Environment, Conflict, and Peace PGSCR, ESGH
SISU 360 African Political Thought GID, AFR
SISU 360 Culture and International Security PGSCR
SISU 360 Gender in South Asia: Colonialism and Beyond GCG, SASIA
SISU 360 Race and Ethnicity Across Americas WHEM
SISU 360 All Courses IRGC
SISU 370 After War: Rebuilding Shattered States PGSCR
SISU 370 Human Rights in Asia and the West EASIA
SISU 370 Justice, Ethics, and Human Rights in Hispaniola/Justice Derailed: Racial Cleaning in Dominican Republic FPNS, WHEM
SISU 370 Youth and Social Movements Morocco and Beyond MENA
SISU 370 All Courses JEHR
SISU 372 Human Rights in E. Asia JEHR, EASIA
SISU 379 Nazi Germany and the Making of the Holocaust EURO
SISU 379 Post-Revolutionary Iran MENA
SISU 379 All Topics IRGC, JEHR
SISU 380 Democracy and Development in South Asia SASIA
SISU 380 Egyptian Politics MENA
SISU 380 From Uprising to Coup: Egyptian Politics MENA
SISU 380 Iran and Middle East Conflicts MENA
SISU 380 The Future of Global Governance SASIA
SISU 380 All Courses GCG
SISU 380 Pakistan and the Region SASIA
SISU 383 Overview of the European Union GCG, EURO
SISU 386 Contemporary Africa GCG, AFR
SISU 393 International Relations Theory PGSCR, GE, FPNS, GID, ESGH, IRGC, JEHR, GCG
SISU 396 From Local to Global: Food as a Reflection of Foreign Policy (Local to Global: Food Pol) PGSCR, FPNS, ESGH, JEHR
SISU 396 Israeli Foreign Policy 1948 - Present FPNS, MENA
SISU 496 Bridging the Great Divide PGSCR, MENA
SOCY 310 Language, Culture, and Power IRGC
SOCY 351 Race, Racialization, and Power IRGC
SOCY 443 Intersectionality IRGC
SOCY 389 Society and Global Environment ESGH
SOCY 396 Arab and Arab American Feminisms MENA
SOCY 396 Intimacy and Sexuality in Contemporary Societies IRGC
SOCY 461 Health and Rights ESGH
SPA 370 American Environmental Politics and Policy ESGH
SPA 371 Energy Policy and Politics ESGH
SPAN 210 Latin America History, Art, and Culture WHEM
SPAN 352 Advanced Spanish: Spain EURO
SPAN 353 Advanced Spanish: Latin America WHEM
SPAN 355 All Courses WHEM
SPAN 355 Latin@ Migration, Identity and Labor IRGC, WHEM
SPAN 357 All Courses WHEM
SPAN 356 Latin America Colonial Cultures EASIA, WHEM
SPAN 450 Spanish Civilization: Spain EURO
SPAN 456 Business in Latin America WHEM
SPAN 456 Caribbean Cultures WHEM
SPAN 456 Contemporary Latin America Cinema WHEM
SPAN 456 Culture and Violence in Latin America WHEM
SPAN 456 Hispanics in the United States WHEM
SPAN 456 Indigenous Peoples of Latin America WHEM
SPAN 456 Latin America Women Writers WHEM
SPAN 456 Memory/Performance/Activism in Southern Cone WHEM
SPAN 456 Rep of Violence in Colombia/Mexico WHEM
SPAN 456 Southern Cone Post-Dictatorial Literature WHEM
SPAN 456 Urban Cultures in Latin America WHEM
SPAN 357 Introduction to Latin American Literature WHEM
SPAN 559 Conflict and Culture in the Andes FPNS
SPAN 559 All Courses WHEM
WGSS 350 Anti-Violence Interventions PGSCR
WGSS 350 Black Queer Studies IRGC
WGSS 350 Feminist Artists of the Diaspora IRGC, AFR
WGSS 350 Gay and Lesbian Documentary IRGC
WGSS 350 Gender and Violence IRGC, JEHR
WGSS 350 Global Ecofeminisms GID, ESGH
WGSS 396 Women in East Asia: Modern Transformation EASIA
WGSS 496 Sexual Exploitation Industries JEHR
WGSS 496 Transnational Feminisms IRGC