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Registering for a Consortium Course

Download the Consortium Registration Form (pdf)

The Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area offers AU students the opportunity to enroll in courses at the following educational institutions: Catholic University of America, Gallaudet University, George Mason University, The George Washington University, Georgetown University, Howard University, Marymount University, Corcoran College of Art and Design, Trinity College, the University of the District of Columbia, and the University of Maryland-College Park.

What is the benefit of taking courses through the Consortium?

For students that have a specific focus in a certain policy specialization or regional interest, the courses offered through the Consortium offer additional choices.

Who is eligible to take courses through the Consortium?

With the appropriate approvals, BA students in good academic standing may take courses through the Consortium, provided the course is not offered at American University during that semester. Off-campus courses (including study abroad), courses in law and medicine, independent study and reading courses, internships, special institutes, and noncredit courses cannot be taken through the consortium.

What is the cost of taking a course through the Consortium?

Since registration is through AU, students pay the American University tuition rate. Students enrolled in consortium courses at all universities will be billed for any special fees (such as lab fees).

Do I need special permission to enroll in courses through the Consortium?

Course registration must be approved by the American University dean or department chair of the field of study for which registration is requested (e.g. if you are interested in taking an economics course, the AU economics dept. chair must sign off on the consortium registration form; if it is an international studies course then your advisor will obtain the appropriate signatures) and your SIS academic advisor. Additionally, you are responsible for securing approval of the host university when requested.

When do I register for the course?

Consortium registration is available during the first two week of classes, unless classes at the visited University begin before American University. Consortium registration can be confirmed only after classes begin at the visited school. Please note that students are not eligible to register in courses that are full.

Other things to consider:

  • Transportation to and from the consortium universities is the responsibility of the student. We strongly encourage you to plan at least 2 hours on either side of the class for your commute to and from AU.
  • Since students are registered for consortium courses through AU, students must adhere to AU add/drop deadlines.  
  • Consortium courses are weighted the same as AU courses in factoring your GPA.
  • Consortium courses do not satisfy the SIS residency requirement.
  • Consortium courses cannot be audited.

Registration Process

Step 1: Consult the AU Academic Calendar and the Academic Calendar of the university that you are interested in enrolling in to review registration deadlines.  

Step 2: After identifying a course (links to course schedules at Consortium schools are listed below) and speaking with your SIS academic advisor about where the course will fit in your program, you should contact the professor of the course to obtain permission (in writing/e-mail) to enroll in the course.

Step 3: Download and complete the Consortium Registration Form (pdf) or pick one up from the Undergraduate Advising Office in SIS 103.  

If the course is taught in another department (e.g. ECON, HIST, GOVT, etc.) you will need the approval from the head of that school or department at AU. (If the course is an International Studies/Relations class, you can skip this step.)

Step 4: Bring the completed form (with the faculty permission – see step 2) to your SIS academic advisor for approval during the first week of the semester.

You should work closely with your advisor during the first week of the semester to ensure that the addition of a consortium course will not raise total semester credits above 17 credits and that the course is in line with the your academic requirements/interests.

Step 5: Your academic advisor will review your form to make sure all the necessary information on the form has been completed. Your advisor will obtain the SIS dean/department chair signature for you.

Step 6: If your paperwork is in order, the SIS Academic Advising Office will submit the completed form to the registrar’s office and the course should be posted on your record.

All consortium courses will appear on your transcript with the consortium school code and the course number (for example: GWU-100 for a course at George Washington University).

You will be registered based on availability.

Consortium School Websites

Catholic University

Corcoran College of Art and Design

Gallaudet University

Georgetown University

George Mason University

George Washington University

Howard University

Marymount University

The University of the District of Columbia (UDC)

Trinity College

University of Maryland, College Park

N.B. Signing the Consortium Registration Form means that you have read, understood and have agreed to all of the university policies on the back of the form. 

Last updated: 10 May 2012