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SIS Internships

If you are a prospective student who wants to learn more about internships at AU, click here.

Looking for an internship this semester that you’d like to register for credit? Here you can find the instructions and the forms you’ll need.  Still have questions? Contact your academic advisor.

Trying to find an internship-your academic advisor, your faculty, and the Career Center have great resources to help you!

How to Register for an SIS Internship for Academic Credit

The Basics

SIS requires that your internship grade be based on two things:

• The work you do at the internship (based on an evaluation from your supervisor at the internship) and the coursework you complete as part of our required internship course - SISU-391. The section of the course you take is determined by your class year.

• First-year students must complete 30 academic credits in residence at American University before registering for an internship. Transfer and AP /IB credits do not count towards the required 30 credits. 

• Transfer students may register for an internship after finishing 12 credits in residence at American University. 

• A maximum of 6 credits of self-designed work are permitted for the major. This may be two independent studies or one internship for credit and one independent study. An additional 6 credits of self-designed work is permitted as elective credit only. If additional independent studies are pursued, they must still be completed in three credit increments only.

• Internships for major credit must be for a minimum of three credits. Internships for elective credit may be for fewer credits. All SIS internships must be taken for an A-F grade.

• The number of credits you earn for your internship is based on the number of hours you are working. You are not permitted to work more hours and register for fewer credits. Please plan your schedule accordingly. 

The table in the academic regulations illustrates the average hours worked weekly per internship credit hours that students are expected to earn over 14 weeks of a traditional semester or the equivalent for summer or special term classes.

Registration Process (once you’ve secured an internship) 

1. Complete the Internship Registration Form. If you are an international student on an F-1 or J-1 visa, you'll need your International Student Advisor to review and sign your paperwork.  

2. Complete the SIS Internship Eligibility Form.  

3. Meet with an academic advisor to determine if you are academically eligible for an internship. 

4. Have your internship supervisor confirm your duties by signing the SIS Internship Registration Supplement form.  

5. Meet with your faculty member to determine your academic work plan.  

6. Meet with the Undergraduate Program Director if you are seeking major credit for your internship. Be sure to provide specific concrete examples of your duties and how the internship is relevant to your program. In order to complete a major requirement, the internship must be for at least 3 credits.  

7. Return your completed form to the SIS Undergraduate Advising Office. 

Please Note: 

• Students interning outside the U.S. who are not participating in an AU affiliated study abroad program will need to complete the Undergraduate Global Practicum form. Contact your Academic Advisor for more information. 

• International students on F-1 visas who are pursuing a paid internship will need to complete additional paperwork for Curricular Practical Training. International students on J-1 visas pursuing a paid internship will need to complete additional materials for Academic Training. For more information, contact International Student and Scholar Services.

Last updated 28 March 2016