Meet your advising team

Students in the School of International Service are assigned to academic advisors by the first letter of their last name. When students are planning for and participating in study abroad, they will meet with the advisor assigned to that region during that period of time. 

Peer Advisors help new first-year students make four year plans. Students have assigned staff advisors by last name. Study abroad approvals are divided by the region of the world.

Shawna's Students

  • Last names: A-Chi, and Sakura Scholars
  • Study abroad regions: England and France

Julie's Students

  • Last names: Chj-H
  • Study abroad regions: Western Hemisphere and Germany
  • Russia Abroad (suspended for spring 2022)

Justina's Students

  • Last names: I-Le, and Global Scholars
  • Study abroad regions: AU Centers (Brussels, Madrid, Nairobi)

Ubah's Students

  • Last names: Lf- Re
  • Study abroad regions: Asia and South Pacific
  • MENA Abroad (Temporary)

Jason's Students

  • Prospective and admitted BA/MA students and International Accelerator Program students
  • Study Abroad Regions: Europe (except England, France, Germany, and the AU Centers in Madrid and Brussels)
  • Last names: Rf-Z