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US-Pakistan Women’s Council

Increasing women's economic participation through education, entrepreneurship, and employment.

Women are the key to a prosperous future

The US-Pakistan Women’s Council seeks to grow women’s participation in the Pakistani economy through career trainings, entrepreneurial workshops, and employment opportunities. Established in 2012, the Council is led by a partnership between the US State Department and American University in cooperation with public and private stakeholders in both the US and Pakistan.

Dynamic women such as Fatima Jinnah, who was instrumental to Pakistan’s movement for independence, and Benazir Bhutto, the first female prime minister of a Muslim country, have influenced the history and will shape the destiny of Pakistan. The US-Pakistan Women’s Council recognizes that Pakistan’s stability and future prosperity depend on a robust economy in which women play a key role.

The Council coordinates with its network to build the business case for women's economic inclusion and help Pakistan reach its potential for economic growth and global competitiveness. Although only about a fourth of Pakistan's formal workforce are women, that number is growing. To support the efforts of these individuals, the Council links high-potential women in the rising middle class to public and private partners that can offer information and opportunities in education, entrepreneurship, and employment.

In the News

  • The US-Pakistan Women's Council and WECREATE Pakistan hosted 60 Pakistani women entrepreneurs at its Supply Chain Diversity Expo in Islamabad, as the Daily Times reports.

  • American Magazine details a graduate student course that works with three enterprising female Pakistani business owners.

  • American Ambassador to Pakistan, David Hale, said the Council is "a model of assistance that mobilizes female talent, builds international economic ties, and promotes economic growth," as reported in the Associated Press of Pakistan.

Training Pakistan’s future game developers

Hold on to your dreams, believe in yourself, and continue to work hard.

I’m an entrepreneur and co-founder of Pakistan's first video game development academy. USPWC partner WECREATE became a great source of inspiration, mentorship, and support for me. As a woman and the first college graduate in my family, it was a personal challenge to leave my job to start a business. Women face many challenges in a patriarchal society, but I’m lucky to have received support, advising, mentorship, and exposure to the international industry that made PixelArt Games a success.