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Research | U.S. Foreign Policy and National Security

Faculty Research

USFP Faculty Research Interests

Gordon Adams
National Security Institutions, Personnel and Resources
Defense Policy
Security Assistance
Foreign Assistance

Philip Brenner
U.S. Foreign Policy toward Latin America
Congress and Foreign Policy
U.S.-Cuban Relations
Foreign Policy Institutions and Processes

Elizabeth Cohn
U.S. Democracy Promotion
U.S. Foreign Policy toward Latin America
Scholarship on Teaching and Learning

Stephen Dalzell
U.S. policy toward Africa
Comparative military policy
Stability operations and civil/military operations

Garret Martin
Transatlantic relations and security
EU foreign policy
European External Action Service

David Mislan
U.S. presidency and foreign policy
Theories of decision-making
U.S. grand strategy
Causes of war & peace

Shoon Murray
U.S. Foreign policy-making process
Public Opinion and Foreign Policy
Media and Foreign Policy
Presidential Framing and Foreign Policy
Leaders' Belief Systems
Domestic politics of Military Interventions

Anthony C.E. Quainton
U.S. Foreign Policy toward the Middle East and Latin America
Public Diplomacy
Diplomatic Practice

Sally Shelton-Colby
U.S. foreign policy-making process
Congress, domestic politics, and U.S. foreign policy
U.S. foreign policy towards Latin America and the Caribbean

Sarah Snyder
The Cold War
Human rights activism
U.S. human rights policy

Jordan Tama
The Foreign Policy Making Process
Congressional-Presidential Relations
Partisanship and Bipartisanship
National Security Strategy
National Security Commissions

Sharon Weiner
U.S. National Security Institutions and Security Policy
Nonproliferation and WMD
Civil-Military Relations

Joseph Young
Domestic and Transnational Terrorism
U.S. National Security Policy and Civil Conflict
Human Rights
Foreign Aid

Guy Ziv
U.S. Foreign Policy Towards the Middle East
Psychology of Leaders
Theories of Decision-making
Israeli-Palestinian Peacemaking
The Role of Think Tanks in U.S. Foreign Policy