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The Campaign for SOC: Naming Opportunities

Spaces highlighted in red below have been named.  

To view the building floor plans, please click on any floor in the chart below.

Click here to download a listing of current campaign naming opportunities in PDF format.

For information on the value of naming rights for a specific space, please contact Nada Maalouf.

Naming a bench, theater seat, technology station, or office in the new SOC is a wonderful way to honor a student, graduate, parent, or friend. More information on these types of giving options may be found here.

Interested in Naming a Space?

SOC McKinley innovation lab

Contact Nada Maalouf via email.


 Naming Opportunity


SOC Pavilion ALL
Media Innovation Lab First
**SOC Plaza (Quad Entrance) First
SOC Walk & Garden
Investigative Reporting Workshop Suite First
Rotunda Entrance First
Northwest Lobby (Quad Side) First
SOC Student Services Suite First
Southeast Lobby (Rotunda Side) First
Special Events/Classroom First
**Innovation Lounge First
Media Innovation Classroom First
Quad Entrance First
Classroom (Southwest Side) First
SOC Graduate Advising Suite First
Seminar/Support Room First
Flash/Recording Studio First
Assistant Dean's Office - Student/Academic Affairs First
**Undergraduate Reception Office
**Theater Second
Dean's Suite Second
Film & Media Arts Wing Second
Public Communication Wing Second
Theater Lobby Second
Dean's Reception Area (Rotunda) Second
**Dean's Office
Public Communication Lounge Second
Theater Green Room/Conference Second
**Theater Control Room
Assistant Dean's Office - Budget & Facilities Second
**Associate Dean's Office - Academic Admin Second
Associate Dean's Office - Administration Second
Division Director's Office - Film & Media Arts Second
**Division Director's Office - Public Communication Second
**Public Communication Work Area Second
SOC Partnerships Office Second
PhD Offices (3) Third
Centers & Institutes Suite Third
Journalism Wing Third
Rooftop Terrace Third
**Small Sustainability Garden Third
Large Sustainability Garden Third
Rotunda Conference Room Third
**Faculty/Staff Lounge Third
**Journalism Lab 1 Third
**Journalism Lab 2 Third
**Rooftop Seminar Room Third
Rooftop Terrace Lobby Third
Northwest Lobby Third
Division Director's Office - Journalism Third
**Small Journalism Lounge Terrace
Centerpiece Classroom 1 Terrace
Centerpiece Classroom 2 Terrace
Digital Editing Lab Terrace
Focus Group Teleconference Room (Rotunda) Terrace
PhD Suite
Terrace Lobby (Northwest Side)
**SOC Public Garden Terrace
Digital Imaging Lab Terrace
IT Hub Terrace
Main Terrace Lounge Terrace
**Focus Group Observation Room Terrace
**Audiovisual Editing Suite Terrace
Adjunct Faculty Office Terrace
**Small Student Lounge Terrace
Engineering Shop Terrace
PhD Carrels (**1 of 4 named) Terrace
SOC Study Terrace
Faculty Offices (40) All
Center Director Offices (**2 of 4 named) First & Third