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Center for Environmental Fimmaking


Center for Environmental Filmmaking students canoe through the Florida wetlands

Thank You.

The generosity of our donors makes the work of the Center for Environmental Filmmaking possible.

The Center for Environmental Filmmaking’s activities and programs are made possible by the generosity of the following individuals, foundations, corporations, and other organizations. I am honored to recognize them and to thank them for their support:

Wallace Genetic Foundation, Frances & Benjamin Benenson Foundation, Shared Earth Foundation, Park Foundation, Saint Paul Foundation, Turner Foundation, Prince Charitable Trusts, Herbert W. Hoover Foundation, Ramsay Merriam Fund, Henry Foundation, Mead Family Foundation, Norcross Wildlife Foundation, National Marine Sanctuaries Foundation, REI, Ernst & Young Ltd. Liability Partnership, Merrill G. & Emita E. Hastings Foundation, T. Rowe Price Associates Foundation, Sony Electronics, and the Sierra Club.

Special thanks to Joan Murray, Bill Benenson, Caroline Gabel, Gil Ordway, Caroline Ramsay Merriam, Elysabeth Kleinhans, Elizabeth Ruml, Lucy Waletzky, Wool Henry, Angel Braestrup, Lacey Hoover, Colton Hoover Chase, Mark Butterworth, Betsy Mead, Diana Mead, Christelle Siohan, Sheila and Bill Wasserman, Amy Panek, Lisa Peterfreund, Todd Robinson, Matt Stout, Dan Basta, Jason Patlis, Kristin Pauly, Leonard Berman, John McMurray, Joanne Flanders, Brian Keane, Ernest Robinson, the late Sally Brown, and other generous supporters.

If you would like to support the work of the Center for Environmental Filmmaking with a tax-deductible gift, we are very grateful to you. Your gift will help the Center nurture and train the next generation of environmental filmmakers and help protect the natural world and wildlife.

Please contact Chris Palmer at palmer@american.edu for more information.