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2012 Capstone Projects

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Bunger, Taryn. The Complex Construction of the Abortion Debate: Anti-Abortion Rights Rhetoric and its Reflections in the Public Sphere. Download PDF

Guizlo, Christopher. “Dealing with Jell-O”: How Framing and Agenda Setting Affected Public Opinion In the 2011 Debt Ceiling. Download PDF

Hurley, Ian. Multimedia Communication Across Disciplines: A Best Practices Approach. Download PDF

Kanter, Annie. An Analysis on the Influence of Fictional Gay Television Characters on the GLBT Community. Download PDF

Kruszka, Andrea. Why did I just buy that? A Look at Impulse Buying in the Atmosphere of Daily Deals. Download PDF

Millili, Judy. A Generational Analysis: Exploring the Effectiveness of Advertainment Marketing Techniques on Consumers. Download PDF

Maramba, Kathrina. The Dodd-Frank Act: Framing Financial Reform. Download PDF

Noble, Brittany. The Rebranding of Blackwater: The Effectiveness of a Name Change After Crisis. Download PDF

Olivera, Gabriela. Comparing Blogs and Newspapers: A Focus on Brightest Young Things and The Washington Post’s Style Section. Download PDF

Ritonia, Elizabeth. How Can Local Community Organizations Successfully Implement National Public Service Campaigns?: An Examination of The Office of National Drug Control Policy’s “Above the Influence” Campaign. Download PDF

Rockett, Aaron. Creating Seed Networks and Video Content to Go Viral: Organizational Strategies for Producing Web Video. Download PDF

Shi, Meng. Brand Management via China’s Sina Weibo: Case Studies on Durex and VANCL. Download PDF

Short, Kimberly. Hiding Behind the Small Screen: Investigating Levels of Anonymity When Managing Online Hostile Commentary. Download PDF

Weingart, Tyler. Reporting Childhood Obesity: An Analysis of How the Let’s Move Campaign Has Impacted Today's Media Landscape and a National Debate. Download PDF

Wong, Helen. Do You Dream in Chocolate? A Case Study on Lindt's Branding Strategies Before and After 2008. Download PDF

Wysocki, Mark. The Role of Social Media in Sports Communication: An Analysis of NBA Teams’ Strategy. Download PDF

Yette, Laila. A Call to Action: Twitter's Power to Mobilize During the Arab Spring. Download PDF