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Capstone Projects

Capstone Projects

The capstone project is the culmination of the master’s degree program in public communication at American University. All graduates complete a capstone as part of a capstone seminar working in close cooperation with faculty.

Graduate Capstones of 2014

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Top Graduate capstones of 2013

Gade, Melanie, Kendra. The Environmentalism of Everyday Life: A Quantitative Study on the Effectiveness of Message Frames for Latino Engagement. Download PDF

Weekend: Murti, Bhattiprolu. India’s Use of Digital Media to Engage with Diaspora as Part of its Public Diplomacy Outreach. Download PDF

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Top graduate capstones of 2012

Arthur, Julie. Framing Child Neglect: A Content Analysis of National and Regional U.S. Newspaper Coverage. Download PDF

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Top graduate capstone of 2011

Smyth, Anne. From Pages to Pixels: Promoting Books in the New Media Environment. Download PDF

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Top graduate capstone of 2010

Gerdes, Julie. A Study on How Different Personality Types and Temperaments Respond to Tailored Donation Appeals.
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