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Alison Schafer

Alison Schafer is a strategic communications consultant, media trainer, and producer of visual content for broadcast and the Internet.  Her areas of expertise are international communications and education, and she has helped develop social media strategies and outreach for or organizations with global reach.  Recent projects include messaging and media training for World Bank managers from Kosovo to counteract negative press around a new brown coal plant, and in Mumbai to handle media covering the relocation of a community following the redevelopment of a train route.  As a producer, she has created and filmed stories on the Bank’s work in places across the globe, including Chine, Tajikistan, Vietnam, and Turkey.  Her work has aired on platforms as diverse as CNN International and China’s CCTV, along with multiple other global outlets and webcasts.  Her academic expertise is focus on the intersection between the news media and foreign policy.  She holds a Masters degree in international relations and international economics from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.  Her undergraduate degree is from the University of Pennsylvania.