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Tom Squitieri Adjunct Instructor School of Communication

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B.A. Political Science

After 34 years as an awarded-winning journalist, Tom Squitieri joined the wider world of communications and turned his talents into capturing client ideas and crafting them into prose that is smart, creative, unique, seductive and compelling, to say what the clients want to say and help them win the business opportunities they seek. Tom’s passion to use communication, writing and training to give structure and voice to the important work and thoughts of others comes from being a superb policy writer with an uncanny knack for rendering complex ideas into simple compelling text; those skills have resulted in three Overseas Press Club Awards and three White House Correspondent Association awards as a journalist and, in less than two years in the public relations arena, a winner of a 2007 Communicator Award of Distinction. Tom writes in ways to engage, stimulate and connect with all kinds of people. He brings a special emphasis on working with clients to create focused and intelligent strategies and messages that support successful media campaigns, from simple announcements to super-charged issues. In addition to media counsel, his writing skills help clients communicate with maximum credibility and impact. In academics, Tom was invited to create and then teach a unique college course that combines journalism, public affairs, ethics, philosophy, current affairs and war zone survival skills into a practical application to broaden thinking and day-to-day success. That course teaches students how to ask questions that cannot be dodged, provide answers that are detailed and on-point, and unleash the ability to think on one’s feet and use all of one’s senses. It also teaches the merits of when to be silent and how to write creatively and clearly. Tom has been on all seven continents - and in dozens of places he intends to keep secret.
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