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Photograph of Kathleen Tremmel

Kathleen Tremmel Adjunct Instructor School of Communication

MA in Communication, University of Nebraska at Omaha.

BS in Journalism, PR/Advertising Sequence, University of Nebraska at Omaha.

AA in Literature, Iowa Western Community College.

Favorite Spot on Campus
My classroom
Kathy Tremmel began her educational journey later in life, getting her AA at Iowa Western Community College in 2003. She was the Public Relations Officer of Phi Theta Kappa and also on the USA Today All-American Academic team.

She got a BS in Journalism at the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 2005. As a student at UNO, she was the secretary of the Public Relations Student Society of America, which went on to win awards at the national conference in NYC. During her time as an undergrad, Tremmel created, produced, filmed and edited a documentary, “Afghan Students,” which was aired on Nebraska Public Television.

As a graduate student, Tremmel worked at The Goodrich Scholarship Program at UNO. This program brought in students who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford a college education—at risk and underserved people. While working there as a teaching assistant, Tremmel revamped and supervised the teaching of the Academic Resource Seminar and taught Reading Comprehension for incoming students.

At the School of Communication at UNO, Tremmel taught media writing and grammar while a grad student.

Tremmel also taught public speaking at Iowa Western Community College, continuing this endeavor until 2014.

Tremmel visited various subjects in her graduate research papers—those subjects being political, developmental and organizational communication.
Online Social Networking: The Benefits of Staying Connected;
The Changing News Media: How Our News Sources Affect Our Politics and Trust in the Media;
“The Daily Show’s” Rant: Jon Stewart’s Use of Humor in Persuasion;
Political Advertising and the Art of Persuasion;
Participatory Communication: How Community Radio Stations Affect Poverty in Developing Countries;
Student Perceptions of College Communications: A Case Study at the University of Nebraska at Omaha;.
How the Capability Approach Impacts Information Technology Intervention;
Communicating an Expectation of Higher Learning: A Case Study of the Rodriquez Family;
Fear and Loathing in Politics: Anatomy of the Attack Ad;

Random fact: Tremmel was a crew member of UNO’s television station, with training in light set-up, audio adjustment, camera operation, direction and video editing. Favorite duty: camera operator at minor league baseball games in Omaha.

Tremmel earned a MA in communication from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a video project—a promotional video for The Goodrich Program. She continued to teach media writing at UNO and public speaking at IWCC until moving to Maryland in 2014.

During spring semester, 2014, Tremmel began teaching two classes on presentation speaking, and tutoring students in writing, two days a week at Montgomery Community College. She also began teaching media writing at American University.
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