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COMM 702: Graduate Thesis

Course Description

Independent work toward project in lieu of thesis for students in the graduate film programs. Consult graduate program director for registration and participation requirements. Usually offered every term. Prerequisite: permission of the school.

Thesis work

Graduate Thesis

A Place to Belong (2010)

A Place to Belong by Lois Lipman, Paul Kim, and Emily Gaines is about the first year at a school which only accepts children with Asperger's Syndrome. They followed the lives of several middle school boys at the Auburn School in the Greater Washington DC Area - and their teacher who also has Asperger's Syndrome.

The boys are taught social and communication skills as well as academic subjects. The goal is that in time they will integrate and thrive in the neurotypical world. Watch the full trailer.

SOC Grad Thesis Class The Bronze Door

The Bronze Door (2007)

Grad Student Matthew S. Nagy created his thesis film The Bronze Door. You can watch the trailer on his site. According to Nagy, "When I set out to cut this trailer, I studied over 30 different movie trailers to find out which elements made them work. I structured this edit to introduce the concept of the door and that it had some type of dark significance, but I was careful not to use shots which revealed its power. Sound design played a large part in this edit. I had to make the film seem spooky and mysterious, not only using visuals, but also with sound."