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MA in Producing Film, Television and Video

OC Alum Renato Perez

MA in Producing Film, Television and Video (30 credits)

Saturdays (20 months)

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Content is King! The film, television and video worlds are expanding rapidly and internationally. The result is a constant increase in the demand for quality content. The Producing Film, Television and Video program began in 1995. It is designed as a professional program to help those with a passion to tell stories - Producers.


The goal of this program is to prepare individuals for careers as producers and production managers of a wide variety of film and video programs, including independent feature films, documentary films or videos, educational videos and special interest videos. The producer is the leader of any film or video project from the initial concept for a story to the “best picture” award. Read FAQ

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The courses in the program are primarily focused on the business side of the film and video industry including financing, distribution, marketing, management and entrepreneurship. There is also a scriptwriting course. The program is appropriate for people who have already begun their careers in the film or video industry. It is also very appropriate for those who are coming from any other professional fields.

Faculty and Resources

The award-winning faculty who teach in the program are available for advising and mentoring. All students are encouraged to participate in the courses, seminars, and screenings provided by our Center for Media & Social Impact and the Center for Environmental Filmmaking.