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School of Communication

MFA in Film and Electronic Media: Requirements

Degree Requirements

  • 51 credit hours of approved graduate work

Students without a minimum level of proficiency in media production are required to take COMM-630 Principles of Photography prior to or at the beginning of their program. This course does not count toward the 51 credit hours required for the degree.

  • Production of a portfolio of original creative work in the areas of scriptwriting, film, or electronic media production under the supervision of a faculty committee and in conjunction with COMM-702 Master’s Portfolio Seminar, with a grade of B or better
  • A grade point average of 3.00 maintained during all work toward the degree

Course Requirements (51 credit hours)

Core (27 credit hours)

  • COMM-513 Producing Film and Video (3)
  • COMM-631 Film and Video Production I (4)
  • COMM-634 Film and Video Production II (4)
  • COMM-650 Digital Imaging (3)
  • COMM-682 Writing for Visual Media (3)
  • COMM-701 Graduate Seminar in Film Theory and Practice (3) (must be taken in the first year)
  • COMM-711 Teaching Seminar in Media Arts (3)

With the advisor’s approval, students with comparable prior experience or course work may substitute other courses in production and writing or media studies.

  • Two of the following:

COMM-511 History of Documentary (3)

COMM-517 History of Cross-Cultural Cinema (3)

COMM-520 History of Animation (3)

COMM-527 History of Photography (3)

COMM-558 Survey of American Cinema (3)

Capstone Requirement (6 credit hours)

  • COMM-702 Master’s Portfolio Capstone (6) with a grade of B or better

Electives (18 credit hours)

With the guidance of their advisor, students may develop an area of concentration or expertise using courses from the following; COMM-690 Independent Study Project and COMM-691 Graduate Internship may also be used with permission of the student’s advisor:

Production and Writing (minimum 6 credit hours)

COMM-526 Photojournalism & Social Documentary (3)

COMM-528 Community Documentary: Stories of Social Change (3)

COMM-556 Cross Cultural Film & Video Production (3)

COMM-557 The Art of Visual Storytelling:From Concept toStoryboards (3)

COMM-560 Backpack Documentary (3)

COMM-561 Advanced Writing for Film (3)

COMM-562 Advanced Writing for Television (3)

COMM-564 Documentary Storytelling for Social Change (3)

COMM-565 Advanced Visual Media Portfolio (3)

COMM-566 Practicing Environmentalism: Policy, Science, &Communication (3)

COMM-570 Summer Film and Digital Media Institute (1-6)

COMM-635 Introduction to Studio Television (3)

COMM-638 Production Practicum (1–3)

COMM-652 Web Studio (3)

COMM-654 Digital Post Production (3)

COMM-656 Dramatic Production (3)

COMM-664 Directing for Camera (3)

COMM-686 Documentary Production (3)

Media Studies and Producing (minimum 3 credit hours) (see note below)

COMM-511 History of Documentary (3)

COMM-512 Social Documentary (3)

COMM-514 Censorship in the Media (3)

COMM-515 Children, Youth & Digital Culture (3)

COMM-516 Topics in Film and Media Arts (3)

COMM-517 History of Cross-Cultural Cinema (3)

COMM-520 History of Animation (3)

COMM-524 Producing Environmental & Wildlife Films (3)

COMM-527 History of Photography (3)

COMM-558 Survey of American Cinema (3)

COMM-601 Communication Law (3)

COMM-661 Developing & Marketing Independent Productions: Non Fiction (3)

Note: One media studies elective may be taken in a related subject area with the approval of the faculty advisor. Related media studies courses include the following:

COMM-503 Broadcast Operations and Management (3)

LIT-646 Topics in Film

PERF-557 Creative Writers’ Performance Laboratory (3)

PERF-665 Theatre History I (3)

PERF-666 Theatre History II (3)

PERF-667 Theatre History III (3)