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Media In the Mix

Media in the Mix podcast is a space where we explore topics in communication at the intersection of social justice, tech + innovation, and popular culture. Media in the Mix is a production of American University School of Communication.

Production Team

  • Producer and Host: Brianna Williams
  • Audio Editor: Caroline Boyle
  • Production Assistant: Courtland Sutton

Latest Episode

What's in an identity?

In this episode, we examine the role of political correctness in the age of cultural identity by looking at how those in the Latino and Hispanic communities describe and identify themselves, versus how society and the media perceives their identity through the lens of School of Communication alumna Camila DeChalus. DeChalus is a senior DC politics reporter for Business Insider where she covers issues related to the Justice Department and the federal courts. Previously, she worked at CQ Roll Call where she covered the Department of Homeland Security and immigration policy.



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