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MA in Media Entrepreneurship

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Part time, 30 credits, 20 months

The School of Communication, in a unique partnership with the Kogod School of Business, has a new media entrepreneurship Master’s program aimed at training mid-career professionals to be key digital players in the new media landscape – while they are working.

Your Idea, Our Program

Ideas matter. Media and communication industries are caught up in tremendous change. This program targets the next generation of innovators, managers and idea leaders who will pioneer fresh concepts for news, information, communication and more.

Have an idea for an app, a website, a new product for your current organization? Here you will learn the core skills needed to launch your own startup, develop your own media business, or push your current company to the next level with a great intrapreneurial idea.

How Does It Work?

This is a 10-course, 30-credit curriculum over 20 months aimed at the individual who is interested in either developing his or her own idea into an entrepreneurial venture or building an intrapreneurial project for a current employer. Classes meet one night a week and every other Saturday. Course content includes entrepreneurship and innovation, communication law, media technology management, finance and building business plans.

By the end of the program you will have learned the tools to launch a startup you helped design or work in a company that aspires to launch new ideas.

Who Should Consider this MA?

We are looking for smart, early or mid-career professionals from journalism, NGOs, advocacy, government, technology, public communication and more who are motivated and excited about bringing a communication, information, journalism idea to fruition. You will learn the stages of building and launching a project, including: gauging the marketplace, crafting a business plan, developing a prototype, managing technology, and learning how to build and engage audiences. Applicants who have recently completed BA degrees, who have entrepreneurial chops, will also be considered.


Note: We are not accepting applications for the MA in Media Entrepreneurship program at this time.


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