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Student's Interview with Fiorina Held Clues to Cruz News

Carly Fiorina talks with student Meghan Puryear
An interview with Carly Fiorina last week gave graduate student Meghan Puryear an early hint about Ted Cruz's VP pick.

American University (AU) graduate broadcast journalism student Meghan Puryear was working as a reporter on April 18 for the AU School of Communication graduate TV news broadcast, District Wire News, covering the Maryland primaries. Following press reports, she headed to Bethesda to cover a planned Ted Cruz event. When she arrived, it turned out that Cruz wasn't there, but she spotted Carly Fiorina and jumped at the opportunity for a quick on-camera interview about how Maryland voters should vote.

“Everyone was shocked to see Fiorina at the event when Cruz didn’t show and it made me wonder the degree of her support to his campaign,” says Puryear. “Fiorina avoided my question about whether or not she would accept a vice presidential nomination, so I wasn’t too surprised when it was announced they would be running together.”

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