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Alumna Publishes E-book on Teaching and Education

By Carlita Pitts

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Marlinda Boxley, Kogod/BSBA ’88, WCL/JD ’91, saw her electronic book, The Value Added Teacher Success Series: Improving Outcomes for African American Males in the Classroom, published in December.

The 33-page e-book was created to prepare both new and veteran educators for earning effective ratings using new teacher evaluation systems that link student performance on standardized tests to teacher performance. These teacher evaluation systems have a category called “value added,” which is used to demonstrate that effective teachers are those whose students experience growth on standardized tests. The model is an attempt to measure what each teacher has “added” to the education of each student.

Marlinda says that her experiences with education inspired her to develop The Value Added Teacher Success Series. As a lecturer, mentor, and coach for educators, she was motivated to contribute to the body of knowledge that applies theory to practice. 

As an administrator with Baltimore City Schools, Marlinda provides leadership to school districts and state departments, in addition to advising students, supervising teachers, and evaluating and monitoring academic programs. When asked what she enjoys most about her career, Marlinda says, “I enjoy meeting new people and becoming involved in projects that improve the delivery of instruction to both youth and adults. I enjoy being a part of a collaborative team that implements and measures the effectiveness of the change process.”

As for how her education helped her obtain her goals, Marlinda says, “I entered the field of education through an alternative certification program. However, AU was successful in preparing me for my career in education administration and consulting. The business skills I learned at Kogod enable me to understand functions, including payroll, accounting, tax, and budgeting. The skills I learned at WCL enable me to excel in areas relating to compliance and advocacy.” 

In addition to her busy schedule as an administrator, author, and executive director of her own consulting firm, Marlinda is also a member of the AU Alumni Board and recently hosted a dinner for AU students who are interested in pursuing a career in education. When asked why she gives back to her alma mater, she says, “I enjoy being an ambassador for an institution that made an incredible impact upon my life. AU reminds me of the transformative role that education plays in the lives of our youth. I recall vividly my experiences in being both welcomed and challenged as a 16-year-old freshman living in Leonard Hall.”

“I encourage students to not be afraid to take acceptable levels of risks,” Marlinda says. “My passion and commitment to implement change has always inspired me to achieve in spite of obstacles and challenges… John Maxwell once said, ‘Adversity writes our story and if our response is right, the story will be good.’”